‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Update: Is It The End For Stiles And Malia?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Update: Is It The End For Stiles And Malia?

We are still clueless on what Theo’s planning but one thing’s for sure, though, he really has it for Stiles. It seems like he wants to take Stiles’ place in everything… or rather, he wants to be the Stiles of the group. MTV’s “Teen Wolf” is diving into more sensitive stuff in terms of the show’s relationships in Season 5 as some relationships are starting to fall apart and it looks like Theo is planning to get Malia, too.

Malia can absolutely take care of herself, but Theo has been seducing her for a while now in “Teen Wolf” Season 5. Remember the time when she drove them off the road when she had the vision of the Desert Wolf? She was with Theo that time! And when it comes to seduction, it looks like Theo is very powerful in this area and the fact that Stiles doesn’t want to trust anyone, may be one of the reasons that Malia strays away from his grasp.

“Teen Wolf” fans don’t know yet what to make out of the whole Theo-Malia thing, but there is a huge possibility that Malia may find an interest in Theo and this may be a huge threat for her relationship with Stiles. Stiles and Malia have a lot of secrets going on and in the previous episode “Teen Wolf” Season 5 titled “Required Reading,” Malia lied again about the Desert Wolf while Stiles is still trying to keep his mouth shut about Donovan.

We all caught the look that Malia gave Theo while he was working out. As of now in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, we can’t confirm yet if Theo’s seducing skills are working for Malia but there’s really a huge chance that Theo is after her this time. Watch out, Stiles.

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