‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Update: Steamier than Ever!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Update: Steamier than Ever!

Things are heating up on “Teen Wolf” Season 5 particularly in the love department as Scott and Kira takes their relationship to the next level!

The cast of “Teen Wolf” has only filmed three episodes so far but Tyler Posey has shared the dirt on what’s going on during the March 11 PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

“Kira and Scott are so damn relatable. I love it. Scott’s last relationship with Allison was kind of awkward, but so innocent and cute and first love, but this one, you know, Scott kind of is more of a man,” he said.

Probing on much further, he revealed “Scott and Allison definitely had a sex scene, but it was like, the aftermath of it. [This season] we haven’t had any sex scenes yet, but we’re only three episodes in… but we were close. Actually, you know what, I think we may have had sex. They kind of cut before, but there may have been… oh God. It was great. It was awesome.”

The news about Scott and Kira is so exciting. In fact, this couple has a lot of fans who are rooting that they get things steamier than before. And Posey has just confirmed somehow that yes, things are bound to be much hotter when “Teen Wolf” returns this autumn!

Posey added, “It’s hard to be honest with someone that you like! If you really dig them, and are kinda awkward and not really comfortable with them yet, it’s hard to be like ‘What are we? Are we together? Are we dating or what?’ So yeah, we keep that alive,” in regards if the “what are we” conversation will happen.

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