‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5B Spoilers: Less Blood, More Scare

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5B Spoilers: Less Blood, More Scare
Photo source: Teen Wolf Official FB page

The second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 5 is slated to return next January 2016. After the first part of the MTV series, which gave fans more blood, gore and mystery, what can they expect on Season 5B? Read below for the full details:

Jeff Davis, “Teen Wolf” creator, recently talked to Hollywood Reporter, revealing some juicy details about the upcoming second part of Season 5, “We wanted 5A to be a bloody-horror season. We’re going to change that a little bit for 5B because the Doctors have essentially succeeded, but we’re still going to be scary. We’re treating season 5B like a big monster movie. We’ve got some more surprises in store for our creatures next season, and now that Theo has his dark chimera pack, he’s going to be causing a lot of trouble for Scott as well,” he said.

That being said, “Teen Woolf” Season 5B may be less bloody but it will definitely be as scary as the first part of the series. After unraveling the truths about the Dread Doctors as well as Theo, and the gruesome stuff that occurred during the first part run of Season 5, can fans still take more horror?

Well, if you have been an avid fan of “Teen Wolf” then you know that things are always going to be scary and mysterious in Beacon Hills. It’s still going to be a long ride for the wolf pack as they face another obstacle that is breaking them instead of making them come closer together. Season 5 of the series, indeed, presented such big challenges for the characters of the show and it is bound to give them more.

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