‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5B Update: A Possible Love Triangle Between Malia, Stiles and Lydia?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5B Update: A Possible Love Triangle Between Malia, Stiles and Lydia?
Photo source: Teen Wolf Official FB page

A possible love triangle is brewing in “Teen Wolf” Season 5. Stiles, Malia and Lydia may be caught up in the webs of love when Stiles finds himself spending more time with Lydia.

According to VC Post, “Teen Wolf” Season 5 may be in hiatus today but the screenwriters are working very hard to deliver the most interesting love triangle to ever happen in the MTV series. There have been speculations that they are also planning more screentime for Lydia and Stiles when Season 5B airs.

A possible breakup between Stiles and Malia might also happen due to the fact that they are too busy with their obligations that they will not be able to spend so much time together, which will cause a falling out. If Stiles will be busy with Lydia, Malia, on the other hand, will be busy helping Theo.

Fans have also been rooting for Stiles and Lydia after their kiss in “Teen Wolf” Season 3. And this might just be the perfect time to see where that kiss could go. Stiles will then develop stronger feelings for Lydia during the time that they will spend together, but Lydia might just be conflicted about being with Stiles. However, Malia will still fight for Stiles, which is when the love triangle might happen.

The question here is, will Malia get the man he loves back? Or would Lydia win Stiles this time around? Oh, to be Stiles. What a lucky wolf.

However, before you start jumping into conclusions, this is still NOT confirmed yet. These are only speculations considering what happened in “Teen Wolf” Season 5A concerning these three characters.

Do you want a love triangle? Are you Team Malia or Team Lydia? Let us know by posting your comments below!

Photo source: Facebook/Teen Wolf

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