‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Return Date: Three Potential Spoilers Revealed By Jeff Davis

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Return Date: Three Potential Spoilers Revealed By Jeff Davis
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MTV Network is yet to announce the return date for the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6. Meanwhile, Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11 is set to air this summer on MTV network and the MTV app.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 10 has wrapped up revealing interesting details about the cast. Stiles is back to the Beacon Hills and Lydia has announced her love for him. Moreover, the evil Professor Douglas is defeated by Scott and Stiles in Episode 10.

Meanwhile, the winter finale has also spilled some details on what lies ahead for the characters of the series.

Here are three potential spoilers revealed by Jeff Davis about Teen Wolf Season 6B:

1. Meet The ‘Faceless’ Enemy

Teen Wolf News reveals that when it visited the writer’s room of Teen Wolf, they found Jeff’s rough drawings on a white board. It was a human face drawn in red and its skin seemed to be melting. This is a character called ‘The Faceless’.

It has been revealed in the winter finale that Stiles and Scott are told about a body found in the woods. Perhaps they will meet a new villain in the woods. And this new enemy of the series is called ‘The Faceless’.

Nonetheless, this is just a possibility and nothing is officially revealed yet.

2. Production Status Of Teen Wolf Season 6B

Several characters from the series are set to return in the 6B part of Teen Wolf. While some new characters such as Sibongile Mlambo is joining the cast as a new teacher.

Due to their return, Jeff Davis is pushing to write scenes so that they can shoot around everyone’s availability, reports Teen Wolf News.

Jeff Davis informs the website that, “It’s really ridiculous these days, our schedule, because right now I’m writing 620, trying to write the series finale while we don’t yet have a full outline for 619 or a script for 618.”

This drops a hint that fans might soon get the pending Teen Wolf Season 6 return date. Nonetheless, this is just a speculation.

3. Suspense Over Dylan O’Brien’s Return In Teen Wolf 6B

Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles has returned to the series’ winter finale. But the suspense over his role in Season 6B continues to remain. Teen Wolf News has a spoiler scoop on him. The website says that a different source in the production confirmed to them that Dylan O’Brien will return in some capacity.

Meanwhile, the winter finale of Teen Wolf Season 6 appeared almost like a series finale. On this Jeff Davis says, “We planned it that way in case certain people weren’t going to be back in 6b,” reports Teen Wolf News.

This explanation by Jeff Davis drops a possibility that fans might not see Dylan O’Brien taking the lead role in the last 10 episodes. He might be part of a sub-story of Teen Wolf Season 6B.

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