Teen Wolf Season 6: Tyler Posey Says Everyone Is Messed Up After Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Disappearance

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Teen Wolf Season 6: Tyler Posey Says Everyone Is Messed Up After Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Disappearance
Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Season 6

Supernatural threats, romance, comedy, and horror are some of the vital elements of Teen Wolf series. The Season 6 of the show is returning soon on TV screens. Meanwhile, Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall on Teen Wolf Season 6, recently talked about Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles and why everyone is messed up.

Here are some major spoilers from Season 6 about Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles:

Stiles is missing

When Teen Wolf Season 6 returns, fans will miss watching Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles. According to Tyler Posey, nobody is affected when Stiles disappears, reports Aol.com. This is because he gets erased from everyone’s memory. And to add to this, all the friends do not know what they are missing.

Everyone is messed up

Tyler Posey says that when Stiles is erased from everyone’s memory, everyone lives their normal daily lives. But then, “here is an element in everybody that there’s kind of feeling like something is missing.” This is kind of messes up with everyone. Mainly because from their past experiences they know that “when they get a bad feeling then there’s probably something bad happening,” reports Aol.com.

Steps taken

So after getting this bad feeling Posey says that everyone is toying up with the idea. But they all are not really sure if they are making it up. He also reveals, “…they know that something must be weird.”

Role of Scott McCall

Now that their buddy is in danger and moreover he is erased from everyone’s memory this must be an alarming thing for Stiles best buddy Scott McCall. But according to Posey talking about his journey he says, “No one tells us the information so I just kind of stopped inquiring.” But he assured that it is lot’s of fun and he is very excited for that.

So, fans now know that Teen Wolf Season 6 is going to be even more exciting than expected. With a new twisted angle of memory, Scott McCall’s pack will struggle to get his best buddy back to them. How will they do it with Ghost Riders (New villain) in Beacon County Hill? This is something to look forward.

Teen Wolf Season 6 premieres on Nov 15 on MTV network.

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