Teen Wolf Season 6 Update: Arden Cho Says Good Bye To The Show; Explains Reasons! [Watch]

By Sumeet Kaur | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 6 Update: Arden Cho Says Good Bye To The Show; Explains Reasons! [Watch]
Arden Cho

Fans are really going to miss Arden Cho in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. The star, who played the part of Kira in the MTV drama, has announced her exit from the show on YouTube.

TV Line reports that when the TV series returns for Season 6, one cast member would be missing from it. The 30-year-old Cho would not make a comeback in “Teen Wolf” Season 6.

Cho said that she loves Kira Yukimura very much. She added that she loved her experience working in the TV series and loves the cast and crew. The three and a half years time has been amazing for the beautiful actress. She said that time flew so fast.

She explained, “But unfortunately, it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira’s storyline and she won’t be coming back for season six.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Cho apologized to the fans for all the previous comments that suggested that she would make a comeback in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. She admitted that at that time she assumed that she would be back. Cho continued and said that sometimes it happens that when there are several characters in a show, a storyline for every character is not possible.

The “Teen Wolf” actress also expressed her desire for an “epic ending” for the character role she plays in the TV series. She did not leave the fans feeling sad altogether. She also expressed hope for a possible return.

Arden Cho had become part of the Season 3 in a recurring capacity and, in Season 4, she was a series regular. It has been reported that cast members have exited “TW” before also. Crystal Reed and Tyler Hoechlin had left the show in Season 3 and Season 4 respectively.

“Teen Wolf” was renewed for Season 6 in July.


PHOTO SOURCE: Facebook/Arden Cho

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