‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B Return Date, Spoilers: EP Jeff Davis Talks Return of Agent McCall

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B Return Date, Spoilers: EP Jeff Davis Talks Return of Agent McCall
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The Teen Wolf Season 6B return date has not been officially revealed yet. Meanwhile, executive producer Jeff Davis has revealed details about Agent McCall who is set to return in Teen Wolf Season 6B.

The winter finale of Teen Wolf Season 6 has wrapped up on an optimistic note. Scott, with the help of Stiles, is able to defeat Professor Douglas and destroy his evil plans. It was previously revealed that Douglas plans to have a supernatural army consisting of Scott’s pack.

Moreover, the winter finale witnessed the romantic reunion of Stiles and Lydia. They finally kissed and announced their love. In addition, Episode 10 disclosed a budding romance between Argent and Melissa. Meanwhile, here are more details about Teen Wolf Season 6B.

Jeff Davis Talks About Return of Agent McCall

It has been revealed late last year that Agent McCall will return to Teen Wolf Season 6. Agent McCall is Scott’s father who is working at the FBI.

After the winter finale, executive producer Davis spilled a scoop for the fans. He says that the return of Agent McCall to the picture is out of necessity.

Moreover, there is a chaotic situation that is arising in the Beacon Hills. “Scott’s father returns as an FBI agent first and a dad second,” reports TV Line.

EP Talks About Mason and Malia

The winter finale of Teen Wolf Season 6 saw that Stiles gave his bat to Mason. Now, Mason will fill the role of best friend to Liam as the latter is the alpha-in-training.

Teen Wolf Season 6B will explore Mason’s new position in the pack according to Davis. He also adds that “Mason is the smartest kid in the group, probably on par with Lydia.” He continues, “You’ll see a lot more of him in 6B,” the EP told the news outlet.

Moreover, Davis assures that the remaining half of Season 6 will continue to explore Malia. She shares a complicated relationship with Peter Hale. This complicated relationship will be explored in Teen Wolf Season 6B.

Teen Wolf Season 6B Return Date

The exact return date of Teen Wolf Season 6B is yet to be revealed. But looking at the last several seasons, it can be assumed that it will return late summer.

Most of the time, the Teen Wolf series takes a five-month break. Nonetheless, this is just a speculation. Meanwhile, fans will have to wait for the MTV network to officially announce the return date of the show.

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