‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler Posey Reveals Miley Cyrus Is His First Kiss: ‘I Never Met Anyone Like Her’

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
 ‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler Posey Reveals Miley Cyrus Is His First Kiss: ‘I Never Met Anyone Like Her’
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Do you still remember your pre-teen love? Well, for MTV’s “Teen Wolf” actor, Tyler Posey, he surely does as he recalls his pre-teen romance with none other than the “Wrecking Ball” singer, Miley Cyrus.

As many folks says, “Whatever happen, you’ll never ever forget your first kiss.” I guess that’s true for Tyler who had his first kiss with Miley when he was still nine years old!

Though it has been so many years since the two became an item, the actor himself said that until now, at his age, he never met anyone like Miley.

In an interview in ET online, the 24-year-old actor gushes his young love and how he met Miley. Based on his story, it all started when he was nine years old while working on the PAX medical drama, “Doc” with Miley’s father, Bill Ray Cyrus.

He recalled that his younger self and the pre-“Hanna Montanna” star started to bond together after moving to Toronto, Canada where the show was filmed. Posey said that he was basically the only kid on set but when Miley came on the set every now and then, they became really good friends. “We were both goofy and she was really loud, sweet, and funny — just a really cool kid.”

Posey revealed he is still captivated by his ex-girlfriend and her stunning personality; that he really likes her loud, sweet and funny personality.

The two eventually became a couple and spent two years as boyfriend and girlfriend. During those time, he had his first kiss. “We were so damn young… I would get excited when we would hold hands,” Posey confessed.

Though they never evolved into a serious relationship and their relationship didn’t last, Posey could tell, even then, Miley was such a special, self-assured person. He said that Miley was herself at seven years old, that she really knows who she was.

Since the couple’s split, Tyler went on a date with Seana Gorlick whom he met few years later in his middle school. They dated for 10 long years but the two decided to end their relationship last October 2014, while Miley, on the other hand, notably dated a number of heartthrobs. Miley also opened up in Paper Magazine that she’s having romantic feelings for women at the age of 14. Now the singer is being rumored to date the Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell.

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