Is ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Sciles Over?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Sciles Over?
Photo source: Teen Wolf Official FB page

Is “Sciles” over on “Teen Wolf?” After the latest episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 5, it looks like things are not looking good between Stiles and Scott. And this is making Theo very happy…

We still don’t know what Theo’s really up to but we know it has something to do with the Dread Doctors. What we for sure about him is that he is so determined to drive a wedge between Scott and his whole pack. And Scott is starting to believe what he says. Well, Theo’s pretty charming and convincing, which is why there is no wonder why Scott is hearing more of his side rather than Stiles’.

Theo has been telling Scott how Donovan died – Stiles bashing his head. But “Teen Wolf” fans know that that’s not how he really died! Of course, scheming Theo told Stilinski a different story but still points a finger to Stiles. But still, it’s an entirely different story.

“Teen Wolf” fans, you know the truth. Donovan’s death was because of Theo. Theo is really after Stiles to seek revenge on the sheriff. Scott did confront Stiles about this and Stiles told him that he did kill the chimera in self-defense. Scott doesn’t want them to start killing people so he told Stiles to turn himself in. But how could he do that when he didn’t kill anyone? See here, he’s believing what Theo told him instead of believing his best friend!

And it’s just sad… and really heartbreaking to see their friendship fall apart.

Will Sciles ever recover from this? Will Scott finally realize that Theo is a scheming sc*mbag who is seeking revenge?

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Photo source: Facebook/Teen Wolf

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