‘Tekken 7’; No-show During 2015 Playstation Experience; No VR-Fighting For Disheartened Fans

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Tekken 7’;  No-show During 2015 Playstation Experience; No VR-Fighting For Disheartened Fans

Fans waited and waited. Panels were presented. Showcases flaunted all the bloom and lens flares they could get their hands on. Announcements about upcoming games came and went. Still, there was one question that nagged almost everyone’s mind during the 2015 Playstation Experience: where was ““Tekken 7”” in all of this?

The Playstation Experience is an annual event held by Sony Computer Entertainment that aims to advertise and reveal upcoming games for their flagship platform, the Sony PlayStation (and by extension its current-gen varieties). Think of it as a sort of E3 convention, except everything was about the PlayStation, Cinema Blend reported.

One of the bestsellers for this platform (even in its previous incarnations), was Bandai Namco’s highly-popular “Tekken” franchise. Every fighting game enthusiast worth his or her salt should be as familiar with characters like Xiaoyu and Jin as they are with “Street Fighter’s” icons. Granted, Tekken games started their early life as a sort of Street Fighter clone (like, nearly every other fighting game, for that matter) but it’s undeniable that through the years the “Tekken” franchise has held its own, and eventually grew into a franchise that rivals if not surpasses most of the fighting game juggernauts today. “Tekken 7” is no exception, which has become one of the most anticipated games of the current generation that it even reached the point where it was speculated that it would utilize VR technology (which, if true, would bring fighting games to a whole new level).


But recent developments reported by the Venture Capital Post gave dedicated “Tekken” fans cause for concern. Apparently, “Tekken 7” was a no-show during the whole spectacle that was Playstation Experience 2015. A simple twitter post from game director Katsuhiro Harada confirmed the fans’ worst fears: “I think not this time,” Harada stated simply.

Whether or not this is a good move for game’s director or for Bandai Namco as a whole, only time will tell. One thing’s for sure, though: millions and millions of fans are waiting for “Tekken 7” and, of course, the resulting mayhem (read:fun) that only a VR-aided fighting game can cause.

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