Ten Blood-curdling Urban Legends

By alin | 3 years ago
Ten Blood-curdling Urban Legends
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Urban legends, though rarely true, reveal one true fact about us — our fears, deep and dark. These legends used to scare us as kids and, well, maybe until now. Below is a compilation of 10 blood-curdling urban legends. Read on.

  1. The hook man

A couple’s date night became a night of horror when the girl insisted to go home after hearing a radio report that a killer with a hook for a hand is on the loose. At the girls’ house, the boy then finds a hook dangling on passenger seat door when he went back to the car.

  1. The clown statue

This legend sprang out of the many killer clown stories we’ve known. A babysitter taking care of two kids was so spooked at the clown statue in the house she ended up calling the kids’ parents about it. She wanted to cover up the clown statue, which turned out to be an intruder. The legend has two versions — one tells that the babysitter was the intruder’s target, and the other version suggests that the children were the victims.

  1. The kidney thieves

Waking up groggy in an ice-filled bath tub with a missing kidney and a note telling you to call 911 is horrifying. This urban legend has been in chain emails and comes in many versions. The victims were mostly travelers, and the organ thieves were people one meets at a bar or party. The moral of the story: do not trust someone you do not know.

  1. The premature burial

Accidental burials were not uncommon, but the legend made it to the list because of the often inconceivable versions of the story. According to Manchester Paranormal Investigations, being buried while alive is real and is part of a living person’s greatest fears. The fear of being buried alive is called taphophobia.

  1. The headlight flashing

As part of an initiation, gang members were ordered to harass and kill the driver of any car who flashes their headlights at them.

  1. The sewer gators

According to Weird US, the sewer gators story is one of Manhattan’s oldest urban legend. Baby alligators were flushed in the toilet by their owner, and they have grown into mutant gators feeding on rats and sometimes people who wander below the city sewer. The gators were hunted by police but never captured. Thomas Pynchon’s “V.” was based on this legend.

  1. The killer in the backseat

The horror starts when a man followed a female driver’s car and even tailgated just to warn her that there is someone hiding in the backseat of her car. Another version tells that a man in the gas station asked a female driver to step out of her car, and he secretly warned her about the killer hiding in the backseat. The legend has been popular since 1967.

  1. The nanny and the killer upstairs

This classic urban legend tells the story of a babysitter who calls the cops after receiving a call from a stranger asking her to check on the children. The babysitter later found out that the call was made from the same house she’s in and later realized that a killer is in the house.

  1. The hitchhiker

This urban legend is also known as the vanishing or the disappearing hitchhiker. The hitchhiker story has many versions and mostly tells about a driver who picks up a hitchhiker somewhere and realizes that the passenger he just dropped off is a ghost. The revelation often gets told when the passenger disappears in a house or a place where he or she was killed. In another version, the ghost passenger gives an address where the driver gets to talk to the passengers relatives.

  1. Bloody Mary

The ghost of Bloody Mary can be conjured when someone (mostly young women) stands in front of a mirror inside a candle-lit room and chants her name thrice. With the successful ritual, Bloody Mary can scare you, haunt you and even pull you into the mirror to stay with her. Though Bloody Mary’s identity is somewhat vague, her story is exceptionally an enduring legend.

There you have it for the 10 blood-curdling urban legends. Which do you think is the scariest on the list? Tell us in the comments below. For more interesting features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Iggy35


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