Ten Hottest, Sweatiest, Sexiest Films Ever

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Ten Hottest, Sweatiest, Sexiest Films Ever
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard | Monica Bellucci

Is sexy really a term more than a feeling? Is it a graphic skin flick? Just a mischievous smirk? A twitch in the groins? Everyone has his/her own perceptions, experiences and  turn-ons. There is nothing defined. Our list of the hottest, sweatiest and sexiest films ever feature the full scope of sexy, from the depraved immorality of Caligula to the shocking defilement of the “Last Tango in Paris” to the hedonic wisdom of Milan Kundera. A few of these films have a well-crafted storylines while the others have wafer-thin plots. Check out the list below.

“9 ½ Weeks”

When Kim Basinger, who plays a Soho art gallery employee, gives in to the sadomasochistic demands of Mickey Rourke, a Wall Street Banker, she writes new chapters inked in passion and seething with sexual ardor to last for the generations to come. It is more than a treat to see, a woman as sexy and gorgeous as Kim give in to the demands of the debonair Mickey as they paint the town red unrestrained and open. As Basinger wreathes in blindfolded ecstasy, Mickey rubs an ice cubes over her lips, neck and nipples.

“Last Tango in Paris”

Bernardo Bertolucci claimed he held the raw art of the British painter in awe, and that is why he wanted to tell the story of a young Paris widower and her vile amorous affair with an American played by Marlon Brando. The movie was extremely controversial at the time of its release, especially due to the raw portrayal of sexual violence and emotional turmoil the actors went through after filming.


One wonders whether there is anything like Caligula. Although at parts it looks nothing but graphic, it is actually an example of a great cinematic expression that details the graphic and shocking and yet undeniably tragic story of Rome’s most infamous Caesar. Gaius Germanicus Caligula, played by Malcolm McDowell. The full-length 160 minute version of the film has all of it in all its pornographic glory.

  1. “Blow Up”

It is very difficult to choose a Michelangelo Antonioni film. In his “Zabriskie Point,” you get explosions and beautiful people fornicating in the desert. But “Blow Up” is surely a cut above the rest and is arguably his masterpiece. It stars the sexy siren Vanessa Redgrave. It is more of a visual porn sapio-sexual who gets off on intellect and art. The film is a take on the real life of a ‘60s photographer. The explicit scenes of the film were illegal during its release.


Who wants to see Angelina Jolie nude? Much before she did the good roles, she was impossibly sexy, tattooed badass. She was known to wear a vial of blood around her neck. This film is a biopic on real-life super model Gia Marie Carangi, one of the models with Wilhemina Agency, who got hooked on to heroin and died of AIDS-related complications. Jolie’s raw beauty makes this film a super hot watch.

“Bitter Moon”

This is a sexually dark film directed by the controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski. Sometimes it becomes absolutely impossible to separate an auteur’s personal life and his work. Sharon Tate, who was Polanksi’s wife, was murdered by the Manson family, and Polanski had to flee to the US because he was charged for rape. These salacious details of his personal life somehow lend an extra height to the perverseness in his films. “Bitter Moon” stars Hugh Grant, Kristin Scott Thomas and Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski’s real-life wife. As a matter of fact, Emmanuelle is 33 years younger than Polanski. The film tells the tale of a steamy affair of utter sexual obsession that meanders into bitter hatred.

“Henry and June”

The film is based on the lives of the eminent writer Henry Miller and his wife June played by Anais Nin and Uma Thurman respectively. The cinematography is breathtaking, with moments that are sexually charged , especially the ones shot in front of the mirrors.


Smarmy James Spader, who is a car accident survivor, starts to get aroused by other crash victims. The film earned a lot of controversy upon its release. Some countries even banned the film permanently. Spader has exhausted everything except a pipe in the film, and in a stirringly intense scene, he is seen fornicating with Rosanna Arquette’s leg wound.

“Mondo Topless”

It would not be an exaggeration to honor Russ Meyer with the ultimate “breast man” tag. He happens to be the master of sexploitation. But he takes his breast obsession to a whole new level in this mockumentary where he captures the buxotics in all their bouncy, pre-plastic surgery and gigantic glory. There is no plot at all. It is a visual feast and an ode to the various female body parts.

“The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

This is a film about the openness in feelings, emotions, relationships and bodies. The spring in the 1960s in Prague provides a befitting backdrop to the film. Womanizer Tomas, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, juggles his affection for the romantic Tereza, played by ingénue Juliette Binochem and his lust for the free-spirited artist Sabina. This is a screen adaptation of Milan Kundera’s highly philosophical and sensual book that looks into abstract concepts of Nietzsche’s eternal return and truth.

There you have it for the 10 hottest, sweatiest, sexiest films ever. For more interesting lists, stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard


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