Ten Incredible Food Life Hacks [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
Ten Incredible Food Life Hacks [WATCH VIDEO]
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In this video, we will get to know about the 10 amazing food hacks, which we can implement in our household. These are easy tricks that will make our chores easier. Here’s the list of 10 food life hacks.

  • Opening a jar – To open a jar without exerting extra effort, put some duct tapes on the jar lead and pull the tape in the other direction that you need to open the jar in. Pull hard and it will automatically pop.
  • Watering the plants – If you need to water the plants but you don’t have a watering can, get an empty milk bottle and fill it water. Pierce the cap of the bottle and make about 20 holes, and the homemade watering can is ready for use.
  • Gourmet breakfast – Can’t cook but you want to make a gourmet breakfast? All you need to do is cut out some large circles from the onion, put the stove on medium flame and toss them in. After a minute, crack the eggs and place them right in the circles. Let it cook for three minutes with the cover, and your breakfast is ready to serve.
  • Keeping the cookies soft – If you wish to keep your cookies soft, then just place a slice of bread in the cookie container. This bread would release moisture into the container, keeping the cookies soft.
  • Getting the food out of the frozen can – Sometimes it so happens that we try to take out the food from tin cans, but it’s difficult. You just have to turn it upside down and poke it from behind and make some holes.
  • Polishing your shoe – Want to give your shoes a shiny look? All you need to do is rub a banana peel over it and then wipe it with soap and water.
  • Stirring spoon while making pasta sauce – Making a pasta sauce is delicious and easy, but it can be a messy process too. While cooking the sauce, after stirring, where do you keep the stirring spoon? To avoid the mess, wrap some tin foil along the spoon and the pan holder, and it will stay there.
  • Heating the pizza – Want to heat the pizza but you don’t want to go through the microwave sludge? Put a pan on medium heat and toss the pizza slice on it and let it sit for a minute. Turn it over and continue the same process.
  • Hard boiled eggs – Everyone loves hard boiled eggs, but it doesn’t come out the way we want it when we make it on the stove. But there is another way to get the perfect eggs you want. Set the oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes and place the eggs on the tray. When it’s out, put them in cold water, and your favorite eggs are ready.
  • Cutting a gourmet loaf bread – If you cut it from the top, it may get crushed as its hard. Better to get a full-figured bread instead.

Watch the video below:

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There you have it for the 10 food life hacks. For more interesting features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ruffiana

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