Ten Super Bowl Commercial of 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]

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Ten Super Bowl Commercial of 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: wikimedia commons/ lance cpl. edward l. mennenga, usmc |

Super Bowl is an event not only for sports, but also for establishments to showcase their advertisements. After all, it is one of the most watched American programs. Here are the 10 Super Bowl commercials of 2015.

10) Weather Tech: “America Back at Work”

It is an American company that manufactures the highest quality of automotive accessories including customized floor liners. This commercial simply shows the employees of the company working on the products. They also showcased the types of products that the company produces. The ad ended with a tagline that says, “Proudly made in America.”

9) Mercedes Benz: Showdown with Jerry Rice

In this commercial, the guest is Playboy’s Miss September 2014, Stephanie Branton, and they are discussing about the big race between the tortoise and a hare. Branton is dressed up as a “bunny,” and she supports the hare. She explains that the reason behind her supporting the hare is because of its thoracic limbs allow for greater extension and elongated strides, which is its advantage.

8) Bud Light: Coin

In this Bud Light commercial, a boy reaches a pub, and he orders for a Bud Light. The bartender tells him that he will offer him his Bud Light if he is ready to experience what happens next. He agrees, then he is accompanied by two other boys to a coin machine, which leads to a surprise party. He is made to play Pac-man, and if he manages to survive till the end, he wins.

7) Lexus: Make Some Noise

It is a very short and simple commercial, wherein a group of people come together — one drives the new Lexus while others dance to the music. The commercial says “Make some noise.”

6) Pepsi: Hyped for Halftime

Pepsi brought yet another unique commercial for the halftime. They wanted to surprise the players with a different kind of halftime show, so they introduced some animals dressed in cute clothes, showcasing their talents.

5) Dove: Real Strength

This commercial is very sentimental as it involves a father and child relationship — how the child calls his father at times of joy, fun, sadness, pain, sorrow, need, etc. Every child needs a father who is caring and strong. The question here is: What makes a man stronger? The answer is: “Showing that he cares.” Hence, “care” makes a man “stronger” is their slogan.

4) Geico: Who Got the Swag Now?

In this commercial, there is an old American man talking about how he has got all the swag now because he chose Geiko and saved his 15 minutes of car insurance talks, as well as 15 percent or more of car insurance.

3) Carls Jr.: Au Naturel

This commercial shows a hot model walking around in the market wearing a bikini, and she says that she likes “natural.” It is a commercial for a burger which claims to be natural as it does not contain any antibiotics, hormones and steroids.

2) Victoria’s Secret: Angels Play Football

This ad is very simple as it shows the Angels playing football.

1) Doritos: Middle Seat

This is an interesting commercial, where a man doesn’t allow anyone to take the middle seat. Finally, he notices a pretty girl from afar, and he expects her to sit in the middle seat next to him. To impress the girl, he shows her the Doritos pack. As she comes forward, he realizes that she has a baby too. Later, the baby eats the Doritos with the man, and the man tells the baby to talk to the mother about him. The tagline says, “Doritos — For the Bold.”

Watch the video below:

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There you have it for the 10 Super Bowl commercials of 2015. For more entertainment features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lance Cpl. Edward L. Mennenga, USMC



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