Tenth Series Of Doctor Who Will Feature A New Companion And More Of The Doctor’s “Alienness”

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Tenth Series Of Doctor Who Will Feature A New Companion And More Of The Doctor’s “Alienness”
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The long-running British science fiction TV show Doctor Who is set to premiere its newest season this week. One thing that has fans excited is the prospect of the Twelfth doctor showing a little more of his alien heritage.

The tenth season of held its first ever New York Comic Con panel last weekend. Showrunner Steven Moffat and producer Brian Minchin joined Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas in promoting the upcoming TV series.

During the panel, some behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming Christmas special was shown and subsequently released to the Internet. According to Screen Rant, the superhero-themed special might just be their most unusual Christmas special yet.

Not that “unusual” is something new to the series. After all, Doctor Who was built upon reinvention where it can be set at any time and/or place imaginable. And at the center of this is the titular character whose acting and looks can change just as drastic as the setting.

This unpredictability and willingness to change have allowed the BBC show to last as long as it did. It has even lasted longer than other similar shows, which is pretty unusual in itself given the show’s nature.

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Doctor Who Series  Season 10 Will Feature A Gay Companion

After the series returns for the tenth season this spring, yet another change is coming as the Twelfth doctor searches for another companion. Having already forgotten about Clara, or at least many think he did since he’s going to have a new companion in the upcoming season, this new companion has been the subject of talk lately due to the fact that’s he is gay.

According to Pink News, it was revealed last month that Pearl Mackie’s character Bill Potts will come out as gay. Mackie herself broke the news during an interview with BBC’s own entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba.

However, Moffat downplayed the attention brought in by the new information saying that Potts being gay was not planned in advance. The show even attacked the coverage of the news calling it nonsense.

Speaking in a press release, Moffat had this to say about the revelation, “This wasn’t, as some people thought, some kind of press release we made – it was just mentioned by Pearl in an interview.” He also added that he had no idea about it and only found out through the Internet.

As to why Moffat was adamant about downplaying the free publicity brought in by the news, it is probably to avoid backlash for under-representing the LGBTQ community. Too much hype can be a bad thing especially after the recent blunder of Beauty and the Beast that overhyped the alleged gay scene in the movie.

This was probably why he added that Pott’s sexuality in the show barely comes up in the series as to not get fans’ hopes of a same-sex relationship. “It’s not a major plot strand and not even a minor plot strand. It’s just there. She’s not ‘the gay companion’ – she’s Bill Potts” says Moffat.

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Doctor Who Will Feature An Alien Doctor

But don’t fret just yet because the new companion is not the only change. According to Peter Capaldi, who plays the twelfth and current incarnation of the doctor, his character will show more of his “alien” side in the next season.

“The important thing about Doctor Who is there’s always a mystery to him. There’s always a Doctor Who you don’t know because he’s alien, he’s not a human being. So, I think we’re going to see some more of his alienness,” says Capaldi.

The Christmas special will air in December on BBC1 and BBC America while Doctor Who season 10 is set to air in 2017, though these dates have yet to be confirmed.

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