Teresa Giudice’s New Problem: Joe Giudice Cheating On Her With Another Woman

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Teresa Giudice’s New Problem: Joe Giudice Cheating On Her With Another Woman
Teresa Giudice

Apparently, prison sentence is the least of Teresa Giudice’s trouble. In a new exclusive, it was revealed that Joe Giudice was spotted dating another woman recently.

Radar Online recently reported that Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe Giudice was spotted with another woman. According to an eyewitness, Joe Giudice was seen at the Daddy O Hotel Restaurant and Bar on Long beach Island in New Jersey on August 6. He was seen with a woman on what looked like a double date.

He was first seen standing at the bar wearing dark sunglasses. It was around 8 pm in the evening. He looked like he was trying to hide. But all his effort to stay incognito was brought to naught when the eyewitness recognized him. “He was trying to be incognito the entire time. Like he could hide!” The eyewitness told the press contemptuously.

Later Joe Giudice threw caution to the wind as he cozied up with another woman on the rooftop bar. He was seen sipping martinis with the girl. He was apparently on a double date with another couple sitting right across them.

“It was him and a woman next to him, and another man and woman across from them,” the eyewitness told the Radar Online.

“He looked like he was having fun,” the insider revealed to the press. “My friends were like, “He should be home crying about Teresa or watching his daughters!’ But he did not look like he was worried about anything at all. He was having a good time.”

Readers will remember that Joe was seen with a young strip club bartender in April also when he was out on a double date. It is obvious that Joe doesn’t care who he is out with as long as he is having a good time. He probably doesn’t even remember that his wife is rotting in jail.

Joe Giudice will also be sent to prison one month after Teresa is released after her stint later this year.

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Photo Source: Teresa Giudice /Facebook

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