‘Terraformars Season 2’ Is a Go! The Fight Continues with Alien Cockroaches While a Mysterious Spaceship Rushes to Mars!

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Terraformars Season 2’ Is a Go! The Fight Continues with Alien Cockroaches While a Mysterious Spaceship Rushes to Mars!

“Terraformars” Season 1 anime ended last December 2014 and for a time many believed that a second season for the modified humans versus alien cockroach anime might be too much to hope for. However, after 8 months of waiting Shueisha’s Young Jump, on its 38th issue, hinted on a second season for Terraformars. Finally, we’ll get a chance to watch the long awaited conclusion of Akari Hizamaru’s fight with those alien cockroaches.

Though Young Jump gave the said announcement about “Terraformars,” the magazine didn’t give any details aside from more information about the second season will be announced on the 20th of August, as reported by OtakuTale.

The slight scare for the cancellation of the second season of “Terraformars” is due to the negative reaction of some, if not most, viewers from the ton of censorship, slow story pace, and repetitive fight scenes that seemingly didn’t quite contribute to the whole story. Good thing that this didn’t turn out to be another “Highschool of the Dead” thing which ended on a good cliffhanger and was then cancelled.

The manga version though, didn’t copy the less than spectacular reception to the anime. In fact, over 10 million copies of the manga is currently in circulation, according to AnimeNewsNetwork. The success of the sales might be one of the biggest contributors for adding not only a second season but also a live-action movie for the “Terraformars” franchise.

So where did we last see Akari Hizamaru, Michelle K. Davis, and the Gang?

In episode 13 of “Terraformars”, the last episode of the season; Squad 1 and Squad 2 joined forces in an attempt to fight off the hundreds, probably thousands, of alien cockroaches while they wait for a rescue ship that will come from Earth in 38 days. In another part of Mars, squad 3 which is lead by Sylvester Asimov discovered that someone was teaching the bugs how their technology and weaponry works. Asimov speculated who the culprit was but his scene was cut before he could emphasize who it was.

If that’s not interesting enough, in the final scene of the last episode an object, which looked like a spaceship, was shown traveling in away from Earth. The object is presumably going to Mars but the problem with that theory is that from the same episode it was emphasized that no rescue ship was sent even after receiving an SOS.
With the first season ending like that, one can only speculate who Asimov was referring to and what the object from Earth is.

The second season is just around the corner so better ready your guesses (if you haven’t read the manga of course) and let’s see if those guesses are correct. Write down some of them in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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