Terrence Howard Said Ex is threatening him

By admin | 4 years ago

Last week Terrence Howard said his ex-wife had threatened to kill him and his family while having an argument in Costa Rica. This was confirmed through a police report that was obtained by an online site.

Michelle Ghent, the ex-wife, was due in court on Wednesday claiming that she had been physically abused by Howard during the argument between the two. She said she wants the actor to be given a restraining order.

However, the story is radically different when told by Howard. The police reports says that the two had a “normal” fight that married couples have, even though the two were divorced back in May.

However, Howard said things escalated when Grant threatened bodily harm to him and the rest of his family. She then allegedly pulled out a can of pepper spray and used it to attack him, his children and a son-in-law.

Terrence insists he did not touch his ex-wife and that he only insisted she stop while he was retreating to get away from the pepper spray.

Terrence will apparently hand over to the judge a series of text messages that were from this past May, in which Michelle, who was livid at the time, wrote, “If I were you, I would hide.”

In another message she texted she warned to be careful when leaving the house. She also wrote that she knew where he and his family lives and to watch yourself.

In the latest police report, Terrence says that Michelle attempted to kill herself a couple of months ago and had to be admitted to the hospital. When in the hospital, he said she had been diagnosed with paranoia.

The hearing should determine who gets a restraining order against who but one thing is certain, the two will not be reconciling anytime soon.

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