Texas Residents talking Secession

By admin | 6 years ago

A number of Americans across the U.S. have filed petitions on the website of the White House calling for the state they live in to secede from the union. The most signatures of any of the online petitions, has been for the state of Texas. That was posted on the website just three days after President Barack Obama was reelected.

However, the majority of Texans do not take seriously the idea of the state seceding from the union. Pushing the secession idea is the Texas Nationalist Movement.

The director of the TNM said that people in Texas are worried about the increasing national debt. Cary Wise, the executive director, said once the federal government could no longer control the debt that it rolls back onto the states, all states, not just Texas.

A number of people in the state say the federal government spends too much and is intrusive. One drawback to many over the secession idea is whether Texas has enough resources to rely just on themselves.

The majority of the support from secession is from states that voted for Mitt Romney, Obama’s Republican rival. No one has mentioned the reelection of Obama as a reason for wanting to secede.

However, the petition from Texas claims, amongst other things, that the government overstepped its powers. More than 115,000 people have signed the Texas petition.

Most doubt Texas would ever secede saying it is nothing more than political theater and not reality. Since there is no strong serious political person behind the movement, it really will not go anywhere, said on political analyst.


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