TGH Presentation-12 Movies to Look Out For in 2012

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2011 was not among the good years of Hollywood history. With the lowest revenue generated in the past 16 years, 2011 is one year that the Hollywood industry would prefer to forget. And with just a few handful of movies doing well in 2011, will 2012 turn things around for Hollywood? That’s a guessing game for the time being.

No doubt, there are some real exciting movies coming up in 2012. From romantic flicks to action thrillers hitting the theaters in the coming 12 months, the year is expected to do much better business than the previous year. Here’s a list of a few exciting movies that are sure to excite you:
1. Men In Black 3
With the first two versions doing good business, the third part of Men In Black was surely expected. This sounds exciting, isn’t it?

2. The Bourne Legacy
The movie is sure to catch everyone’s eye with its scenes showing if President Obama really slams the performance of Jeremy Renner at the dinner of the White House Correspondents.

3. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
The high profile star-cast of this movie alone makes it a much talked-about romantic movie. Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Glee’s Matthew Morrison make it a must watch.

4. The Avengers
With so many Marvel superheroes in one single movie, it is already expected to do good business at the Box Office.

5. Paranormal Activity 4
The PA series has been one of those low-budget-high-earning movie series that has really thrilled the viewers with its first three versions. and guess what? The fourth part is also due now to come thing year. That’s something freaky, eh?

6. World War Z
Finally, this movie is expected to hit the theaters on December 21, 2012. Starring Brad Pitt, his zombie-killing romp, the movie will thrill the viewers on the doomsday.

7. The Hobbit
The movie marks the return of Peter Jackson to Middle Earth. There isn’t any need for us to elaborate any further, especially after its awesome trailer and high expectations, supposing to be the prequel of LOTR.

8. Rock of Ages
Starring Tom Cruise, who already proved that he still got that charm to attract viewers, this movie has raised expectations of people; especially after the success of M:I-4 starring the same lead actor.

9. The Dark Night Rises
With Anne Hathaway performing as Catwoman along with the inaudible voice of the Badass Bane’s borderline and the final chapter of Christopher Nolan, this much hyped movie better live up to the expectations.

10. Snow White and the Huntsman
Need a reason to see this movie?Watch out for Charlize Theorn and Kristen Stewert as the title character.

11. The Hunger Games
This Twilight book-to-movie blockbuster will be having the adventures of Katniss Everdeen. The imagination itself raises up the excitement related to this movie.

12. The Twlight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2
2012 will mark the end of the most favorite vampires and werewolves in Hollywood. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Get ready to freak out in agony and shred a bit of blood now.

Apart from these, be ready to get surprised with some other exciting movies as well that might do well at the Box Office.

TGH Presentation-12 Movies to Look Out For in 2012
TGH Presentation-12 Movies to Look Out For in 2012

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