Thailand Upset with Tweet by Lady Gaga

By admin | 6 years ago

The government of Thailand is very upset over a recent tweet by Lady Gaga the pop sensation, about purchasing a fake designer timepiece in a street market in Bangkok. The government is so upset it lodged a complaint with the United States.

The sprawling outdoor markets in Bangkok, as well as some of the larger shopping malls in the capital city are known across the globe for selling nearly perfect designer replicas of luxury brands. The replicas are often times imported from China. Nevertheless, Gaga’s tweet on May 23, just days prior to her sold out concert in the city, touched a nerve with a number of Thais who said the outlandish artist had tarnished the reputation of the country by suggesting she could easily obtain a replica Rolex watch.

A Grammy Award winner, Gaga cancelled an Indonesia concert following threats and faced conservative groups protests while in South Korea and the Philippines. However, she has yet to apologize for her most recent tweet, which the Commerce Ministry in Thailand said helped to undermine its attempts at stamping out piracy.

The tweet by Gaga started debates on social media and web forums throughout Thailand. A protest, in the business district of Bangkok took place, but did not keep her fans away from her Friday show that drew over 50,000 fans.

Her tweet reached her 24 million followers and said, “I am now in Bangkok, ready for over 50,000 fans, I want to go to the market and buy myself a fake Rolex.”

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