Thanks To His Son, Eric! How Has Fatherhood ‘Changed’ Simon Cowell?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Thanks To His Son, Eric! How Has Fatherhood ‘Changed’ Simon Cowell?
Simon Cowell

It was indeed one of the greatest moments in Simon Cowell’s life when his son Eric was born from partner Lauren Silverman, about 17 months ago. He says it “changed” his life.

The judge of the hit TV show “X-Factor UK” confesses that he had not “planned” for the birth of his son Eric, who is now 17 months old. However, his entire life had been turned upside down when Eric was born to them.

Cowell was reliving those first moments when he had found out that he would be a father; that was about two years ago. The judge of “X-Factor UK” was describing that he was in a meeting when Silverman called him out of it by making an “urgent call”.

Simon Cowell said the though he did not plan to have a baby, he remembers when he accompanied Silverman for her first scan. He decided to call his son Tad back then, as he resembled a tadpole. That was the precise moment when something changed within him.

Somehow, he felt tremendously protective about both the mom, as well as his son who was still in his mother’s womb. He was sure that he wanted his son to see the light of this earth and that was a feeling he had not known before.


Cowell, 56, also added that he adored his son. Both father and son make each other laugh. They also love playing with dogs. He has been teaching his son manners; to share and say “thank you” and “please”. In fact, his little son has picked up things so well that whatever he has with him, he loves to share with his dad.

The music mogul also spoke about how the sent passing away of his mother, Julie has deeply affected him. He confessed that he was in a denial mode about the fact that she would die. He shared that he would not listen to anyone at that time and kept reiterating until the very end that his mother would survive.

Cowell was not prepared for his mom’s death. And it seems like everything happened in his fifties. He had a son and then he suddenly lost his mother. These important events in his life have changed him.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Simon Cowell

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