Thanksgiving Weekend Breaks Records at Box Office

By admin | 6 years ago

Movie studios rejoiced and gave many thanks over the just concluded Thanksgiving holiday. Moviegoers jammed theaters to record breaking capacity, setting a new three-day and five-day box office record for Thanksgiving.

The theaters were full thanks to the new Twilight movie, James Bond, and an outstanding performance given by Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. In all, the three-day weekend earned over $210 million and the five-day weekend took in more than $290 million. The five-day weekend earned over $17 million more than any previous one.

Leading the way were Breaking Dawn 2, Skyfall and Lewis’ Lincoln but newcomers had a number of reasons to be thankful. Life of Pi the Fox Studios 3D movies exceeded all estimates and took in over $30 million. Even the long awaited Red Dawn that was delayed for over three years did not do too bad taking in over $22 million during the five days.

First place went to Breaking Dawn 2, which earned $64 million, with Skyfall and Bond taking second with $51 million and Lincoln earning an incredible $34 million to get third place. The Rise of Guardians earned just over $34 million to take fourth in front of Life of Pi.

Even though Rise of the Guardians earned fourth place it did not attract the audiences it thought despite a huge number of commercial spots and the presence of the film online. However, not all was lost as both moviegoers and critics gave the film positive reviews.

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