‘That ’70s Show’ Co-Stars Reunite for Netflix Comedy

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘That ’70s Show’ Co-Stars Reunite for Netflix Comedy
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Close friends and co-stars Ashton Kutcher and  Danny Masterson will have their first reunion together since “That ‘70s Show,” for a brand new comedy Netflix series that will feature a new model which will dramatically change the way Netflix shows will be released. Read on to learn more about the much awaited small screen reunion of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

According to Deadline and TV Line, Kutcher and Masterson, who were co-stars in the hit FOX comedy “That ‘70s Show,” will be reunited on the small screen as they will be co-stars again in a brand new Netflix multi-camera comedy entitled “The Ranch.” It is in the final stages of negotiations with the streaming television network.

Kutcher, who starred in the last few seasons of “Two And a Half Men,” is most popular known for his portrayal of the lovable dumb, funny and handsome Michael Kelso on “That ‘70s Show.” It also starred Mila Kunis, Topher Grace and Laura Prepon. Masterson, who remained good friends with Kutcher, also co-starred on the show and  is more popularly known for his role as Steven Hyde during the duration of the series.

According to Deadline, the two actors will not only co-star in the new comedy entitled “The Ranch,” but will also produce the show, alongside executive producers and creators Don Reo and Jim Patterson.

“The Ranch” centers around a semi-professional football athlete, who will be portrayed by Kutcher. He returns to Colorado to help his brother, who will be portrayed by Masterson, run the family’s farm.

This comedy, which will be the network’s second multi-camera comedy after “Fuller House” will be released in a completely different model from the norm. The usual model, such as the episode orders for MARVEL’s “Daredevil’” “Grace and Frankie” and the upcoming “Fuller House” all have thirteen episodes which were or will be released all at the same time. However, “The Ranch” will be released in two ten episode batches, making the total episode count amount to twenty episodes, and will be released twice in one year, compared to releasing the second season one year afterwards.

What do you think of Ashton Kutcher’s and Danny Masterson’s reunion on Netflix? What do you think of Netflix’s new model? Who among the cast of “That ‘70s Show” would you like to have cameo in “The Ranch”? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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