The 100: What to Expect in the Third Season

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The 100: What to Expect in the Third Season
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The CW’s science fiction post-apocalyptic show, “The 100”, whose second season ended earlier this year with a bittersweet victory, and will not be returning, according to the announcements released on Spoiler TV, until 2016, for a midseason premiere. However, fans of “The 100” need not despair, as the official synopsis of the third season has been posted on the official Tumblr account of Aaron Ginsburg, one of the show’s producers. Read on to learn more about the third season of the CW’s “The 100”.

The season finale of the second season left fans and viewers with a bittersweet victory. The Sky People, or those who came from The Ark managed to defeat those in Mount Weather who wanted to use their blood in order to create a vaccine or a treatment that would allow them to roam the world outside the bunker, as weren’t immune to the radiation that the Earth currently has. In doing so, the Sky People, under the leadership of Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) forged an alliance with the leaders of the Grounders, descendants of the humans who had survived the nuclear fall- out that had forced human kind to live life on the Ark. However, even though Clarke and the rest of those from The Ark won, it came with a heavy price- Clarke discovered that she had been betrayed by a Grounder leader whom she had been close to, and she had no choice but to kill those from Mount Weather in order to save her family.  This prompted her to leave Camp Jaha, which propelled Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) to become The Arkers new leader.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Theolonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and John Murphy (Richard Harmon) went on a journey of epic proportions as they journeyed towards the famed “City of Light”, only to discover a bunker and an artificial intelligence named A.L.I.E., who was instrumental in the nuclear fall- out that originally destroyed the Earth.

According to the Tumblr account of Aaron Ginsburg, one of the show’s producers, the third season promises to still be action packed, while dealing with the aftermath of the events in the second season.

According to the synopsis, there will be new threats, and threats from old and familiar faces, that will test and push each character’s loyalty and limits, especially now as they are now pushed to fight not only for themselves, but for the entire human race.

According to an interview that Entertainment Tonight had conducted with executive producer Jason Rothenburg after the series ended, he confirmed that Bellamy will indeed be recognized that The Arker’s leader; and teased that whether Jaha will team up with the artificial intelligence or not will be a major point in the third season, as it seems like the show is returning to its more futuristic roots, and will focus a lot on the mythology on what happened to the Earth that caused The Ark to be built. He also told Entertainment Tonight that the Grounders will still be very much present in the third season.

What do you think about the midseason premiere schedule of “The 100”, and what do you think about the official synopsis of the third season? What are you looking forward to in the third season, and what do you want to happen?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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