The 1975 Breaks Up, Matt Healy Conflict With Identity Issues With One Direction Boys Possible Reason!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
The 1975 Breaks Up, Matt Healy Conflict With Identity Issues With One Direction Boys Possible Reason!
Matt Healy comic strip posted on social media suggests The 1975 band are breaking up.

Could the boys of The 1975 band splitting up? Rumors have surfaced online regarding the end of the British band. Could this be true? Read on for more details.

Fans have been closely watching out for a big event coming out on June 1, 2015 from The 1975 band. However, a cartoon strip was posted in social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram on Sunday, suggesting the band will no longer be as they were before.

The posts on the social media platforms came from The 1975 frontman Matt Healy, reported The Guardian. The boys whose debut album hit the No. 1 spot might go missing from the limelight. However, reasons for this “disappearance” were left unspecified.

Previously, the band’s manager has already tweeted saying that he has been listening to the demos of the boys for their second album. The outlet went on suggesting that this may not be happening anymore as band members are now confronted with some dramatic changes.

The comic strip posted by The 1975 frontman Matt Healy was captioned, “Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that?” He also added that the band must reclaim their identity and take a strong hold of it. Furthermore, Healy said that there will no longer be dancing and pop music with long hair. Lastly, he bid fans with a parting statement saying “we love you” while admitting it is always difficult to say goodbye.

Fans were quick to speculate that The 1975 band has come to an end. Some took their sentiments on social media where they expressed their opinions about the band finally breaking up. Meanwhile, others said The 1975 boys might be up for a change in their aesthetic appearance.

MNG previously reported Matt Healy having beef on Harry Styles and accused One Direction of mimicking the style of The 1975 in their song “Change Your Ticket.” Could this be the reason behind the band’s hiatus? Or will they actually go for a total makeover?

Meanwhile, The Guardian reached Healy  to comment regarding the issue. However, The 1975 frontman only gave a terse, “No comment.”

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