The Affair Finale Recap: Episode 10 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Affair Finale Recap: Episode 10 [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Affair” Season 1 Episode 10 aired on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. In the season finale, Noah has finally made his choice, but he’s also in big trouble with the police. Find out what happened in the recap below.

NOTE: As the series is told in two storylines, the recap will be divided into Noah’s Story and Alison’s Story.

Noah’s Storyline

Noah (Dominic West) has been about town. He has been screwing every woman he’s made eye contact with. Being single has its perks, and it looks like he’s having the time of his life in this regard. His family hates him though, except for the younger kids, and he has basically lost touch with Alison (Ruth Wilson).

One misdeed at the school where he works, however, as he was seen having sex with a fellow teacher, and he's sent to some sort of a detention center for teachers. So now, he’s partly out of a job, and he's asked to report to the “rubber room” daily to have his time card stamped. He also has to wait for his case to be heard and settled, which, according to another teacher, could take two years to roll. 

So with nothing to do at the “detention,” Noah, attempted to finish writing his second book. By the time his detention was done, his book was done as well; and according to Harry, it was extraordinary. They’re talking about six figures now, and Noah’s pretty psyched about having this published because with his job on the line, the book could save him. Harry, by the way, asked about his wife, and Noah told him they’ve been separated for four months.

Harry: Do you miss your wife?
Noah: (long pause) Not yet…

Cut to the present day with Noah at the police station. He was sounding quite irritated that the police had to have him there again to ask him about his car. He reiterated that he’s innocent about Scotty's murder but sensed that the cops were on to something. When he left the precinct, he came across a familiar face. It’s the same mechanic from when his car broke down in Episode 5 (air date: Nov. 9, 2014). What was this mechanic doing at the police station?

And it’s back to the separation storyline again, with Noah dropping by Helen’s (Maura Tierney) house. She asked him to be there to tell him that she has a video of him attacking Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell). She also told him that her mother has hired a private investigator, so she’s aware he’s been with other women since their separation, and that he’s currently suspended at work. But Helen did not want to divorce her husband. In fact, she’d like for him to come home.

Helen: You never gave me a chance. You never said, “I’m different now. I want something else.” You just took it all away. But I can change.

Helen’s vulnerability was sad to watch. The ex-couple ended up having sex.

Later, they confronted Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) about Scotty Lockhart and told their daughter that they will want to press charges for statutory rape. But Whitney called out on her parents for being hypocrites, on her dad being a sociopath. It got ugly that Noah had to leave the room. That night, however, he slept on the same bed with his wife.

Jumping to another timeline, Noah was seen meeting the mechanic in his car. He found out the cops wanted to talk to the mechanic, and so he bribed him for $20,000 to deny that he has met Noah. The mechanic realized that the guy may be in big trouble.

Back in the current timeline, Noah woke up the next morning in his old marital bed. There was a call from Alison on his cell phone. When he ignored this, he received a text message from her saying that Whitney was at the Lockharts. So Helen and Noah hurriedly drove to Montauk to fetch their daughter. Before they left the house, however, there was a heated exchange between Noah and Helen’s mother in front of their kids. It was brutal.

Expectedly, Helen and Alison would be face to face for the first time as they arrived to the Lockhart’s. But this wasn’t time for a confrontation with the mistress, as Helen was more focused on her daughter. Whitney was pissed at Alison for telling her parents she’s there.

They met with Cherry, Alison’s mother-in-law and Scotty’s mother, who begged the Soloways not to push with the charges. On top of what has been going on, the family has just lost their ranch and will be homeless in a month.

When Helen asked where Scotty was, Cherry and Alison both said that they didn’t know. But just as they left the Lockhart’s ranch, Scotty appeared from upstairs, thinking they’ve already gone. Noah saw him and immediately charged at him, beating him up and choking him. He only stopped when he heard a gun being fired. It was Cole (Joshua Jackson), and he had a gun aimed at Noah. He demanded Noah to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t be shot.

Noah looked at Helen to his right and Alison to his left, and the scene ended right here in Noah’s memory.

Alison’s Storyline

In the last four months, Alison has been staying with her mother, Athena (Deirdre O'Connell). She’s been doing yoga and cleansing, and she hasn’t had any contact with either Cole or Noah. But summer was coming soon, and it was time to go back home, as she planned to tidy things up before selling her house. She chose to bunk at Phoebe’s house when she got back to Montauk, and there, she filled her friend in on what has happened to her.

She met and had an affair with a married man with four kids. Their partners found out, and now, she’s not with him, and she’s not coming back to Cole. She would like to spend some time alone. She also told Phoebe that she had the “most perfect erotic moment” of her life the first time she and Noah got together, and she has not experienced this again.

Phoebe: Yeah, but you never can.
Alison: Why not?
Phoebe: Because it wasn’t real.

That morning, Alison woke up to find her sister-in-law in Phoebe’s kitchen as the two had plans to go surfing. Her sister-in-law told her that she’s not happy to see Alison as she has abandoned family. It was an awkward and painful moment for the two.

Next, Alison dropped by her house with Cole, and he's surprised she’s already in town. The two engaged in a  small talk, till Cole realized why his wife was back. She didn’t want to fix their marriage; she would like to sell the house. The look on Cole’s face said it all — he’s deeply hurt by what Alison has done, by someone he thought he knew for 20 years.

Thinking it would help, Alison offered to give the deed of the house to her husband, as she wanted to leave him with something he loves. Alison believes that the only way to fix their marriage was to have their son Gabriel back, which is to say, it’s impossible. They were interrupted by their sister-in-law, however, who told them that they have to be at the ranch. Whitney Soloway was there.

When Cole and Alison reached the Lockharts, they found Cherry and Whitney talking in the kitchen. Whitney kept them up to speed with why she was there: She and Scotty had a sexual relationship. Her parents are thinking of suing for statutory rape, but she really thinks that this is about Alison’s affair with her father.

Cherry thought she could appeal to Helen as a mother, but Cole thought Alison should call Noah and have him come over. Alison didn’t want to do this, but Cole left her no choice.

Jumping back a timeline for a bit, it’s been revealed that the mechanic that Noah was bribing in his timeline was, in fact, working with the police. He had their exchange about the bribe on tape, and now it’s on police evidence.

Back at the Lockharts, the Soloways have arrived, and it’s slightly different the way Alison recalled it from Noah’s. In her memory, Helen was downright cold and distant, and it was Noah was raging mad at his daughter.

Cole tried to reason with the Soloways, disappointed about the way they treated Whitney. When no one listened, Cole took a gun out and aimed it at Noah, declaring that because of him, his wife no longer wants to be back together. The moment was tense, and the women freaked out as Cole appeared deranged.

Alison appealed to Cole that if anybody has to be shot, it may as well be her. So Cole aimed the gun at his wife, then decided to aim it on himself, until he fell apart and cried. He left the room looking like he lost all hope. Shaken, Helen and Whitney decided this was best to leave at once. As they were about to get of the house, Helen looked back at Noah and realized he didn’t want to follow her. He wanted to be with Alison. He stayed with his mistress.

Cut to another jump in the timeline, and Alison is seen with short hair. She’s in a New York loft, and she has just put her baby to sleep. She’s also with her new partner: Noah. They discussed about the actor whom Noah was meeting for his book that will be turned into a movie, and just then, there was a knock on the door, interrupting their time together.

It was the police, and they came to arrest Noah Soloway for Scotty Lockhart's murder.

There you have it with the recap on “The Affair.” Season 1 Episode 10 finale, which aired on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Did you like how it ended? Sound off in the comments below. Don't forget to check out the video below for the episode highlight.

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