The Affair Recap: Episode 3 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Affair Recap: Episode 3 [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Affair” Season 1 Episode 3 aired on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. In this episode, viewers got to know more about the townsfolk, while Noah and Alison escalated their relationship into a full blown dalliance. Read on to know more about this episode.

NOTE: As the series is told in two storylines, the recap will be divided into Noah’s Story and Alison’s Story.

Noah's Story

It opened with Noah (Dominic West) taking a swim late at night at the Butler's residence. Bruce (John Doma), his father-in-law, caught up to him and asked to join him in his office. He asked about his writing but also insinuated that Noah wasn't working hard enough to finish his new book. Noah excused himself after that "pep talk." When he came to the bedroom, his wife Helen (Maura Tierney) was already asleep, but he swooped in and woke her up so he can have sex with her.

The next day at breakfast, Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), the Solloway's eldest daughter, announced that she was interviewing to be an au pair this summer. Grandma arranged it for her. Noah was going to be in a meeting with Harry (Stephen Kunken) for his book, and Helen was going to be Skyping with a client. Bruce was tasked to take care of the younger children then.

At the meeting with Harry, Noah discussed his book idea. It takes place in a small town, much like Montauk, and the main characters include a small-town girl who meets a married man. Sounds familiar so far? Harry said his idea was something that was done before, so how can this be different? Noah suggested that the woman would be killed by the man in the end, which interested Harry, so they talked some more about the book.

Later, Noah visited the shack where Alison (Ruth Wilson) worked, hoping she would be there as he needed a local for his book research. When she wasn’t, he asked one of the waitresses, and Alison’s boss, Oscar (Darren Goldstein), overheard this and told Noah he’ll tell Alison he was looking for her.

Noah went to the public library for more research work, but he wandered off an aisle to see anyone else had checked out his book. It’s shown here that his first published novel was dedicated to his wife, Helen. Just then, Alison appeared, learning that he was looking for her. He told her about needing to research, so Alison suggested a tour of the island.

But before going on the tour, Noah laid the cards to Alison. He told her he really liked her, but Alison got it — he’s married, he loves his family and he doesn’t want anything to jeopardize this.

Alison: Let’s just be friends, how that does sound?
Noah: That sounds great.
Alison: So, if you need help with your book, or you need someone to talk to, feel free to call me. But I promise I won’t call you.
Noah: So, where are you headed, friend?

Alison brought Noah to the pier to introduce him to Will, the fisherman. One of Cole’s brother, Scotty, saw them together. For some reason, this gave out a vibe that Scotty and Alison weren’t exactly on good terms.

When they were both out of sight from everyone else at the pier, Alison kissed Noah passionately that Noah begged to stop.

Back the Butlers, the family was having lunch, and Whitney was not thrilled about working as an au pair, as the kids she was handling were brats. Helen downplayed this, saying their eldest was exaggerating.  There were some exchange between Noah and Helen’s mom, Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant), and later, she was overheard talking about how she was worried for Helen the first time she learned she was getting married to Noah.

Margaret thought Noah was an idealist who was unevolved, which meant that he wasn’t successful and rich enough. The two got into another argument and private school tuitions for the kids from their grandparents was brought up. Helen told her mom to stop picking a fight with her husband. Noah needed to get out of there.

He went to the town hall meeting to get more research work done and saw that Alison was there with her husband Cole (Joshua Jackson). Did he miss the meeting? Oscar told him that he didn’t miss anything much, but the Lockhearts, Cole's family, were pissed about what was discussed. Oscar also told him his girl Alison was there. Why would Oscar call Alison his girl? Did he sense something?

Noah had some time alone with Alison, and there, he told her he cannot stop thinking about her, to which Alison said the same thing. She suggested they should have sex so he could get it out of his system, and they did it right in the secluded spot.

Cue to the present day, Noah was talking to the police. To help with the investigation, he suggested to the detective that they ask Oscar about the feud going on between families in Montauk for  many years ago. It was also hinted that Noah is still married. But to whom?

Alison’s Story

It opened with Alison singing and dancing while doing her household chores. Her husband Cole, meanwhile, was nitpicking about the construction right in front of their house. It was ruining the view of the ocean. Whoever was building it had no sense of community and appreciation for their small town. Alison tried to shut him up by kissing him. Cole said his wife needed a new beautiful dress, and he will be buying her one. They had the money to splurge; the summer people were in town.

Later, Alison drove to a hospital to talk to someone about coming back to take shifts. It was revealed that Alison used to work as a nurse in pediatrics before her son died. She would be on board on the float pool this time. Was she ready to work in pediatrics again?

The administrator gave her a tour of the place because a lot has changed since she last worked there. Alison noticed a mother with her young child, and she looked at them, almost in tears, because the child was vomiting. Alison was given an ID card by the administrator, who had to attend to this emergency, and asked Alison to wait for her at the cafeteria instead. But she somehow used this card to steal medical supplies.

Later, Alison was walking at the beach with the supplies in her bag. She used a bandage for her leg as she had been bleeding badly. Apparently, Alison was a cutter.

Back in the present day, Alison was at the police interview. She was asked by the detective if Cole had knowledge about her affair.

Alison: I was not having an affair at this point, detective. I kissed a stranger on the beach.

She also told the detective that everyone had a secret, including the police interviewing her.

Back to Montauk, Alison was at her work at the shack with Oscar giving her a hard time. But she sucked it up. He told her that some guy came looking for her, and there was a note on the board. Later, Oscar showed Alison his plans for building a bowling alley next door, which the townspeople would enjoy. Alison, however, had a different view, and they got into a serious discussion, which made her want to take the rest of the day off.

Oscar: But would you have my back at the town hall meeting tonight?
Alison: Why would I do that?
Oscar: Because you care about me, because we go way back, and because, unlike your husband, you understand that people need to change in order to survive.

Alison went to the public library, as indicated in the note that Noah left for her. (In this story, she was wearing jeans, but in Noah’s story, she was in a short dress.) He said he wanted to ask her about his book. So they discussed his ideas. Noah kissed her right there in the public library. They were acting like two high school kids.

Later, they both went to the pier, suggesting that Noah should spend time here on boats with the fishermen for his research. When they were alone, they kissed passionately once again, and some kid saw them.

Alison: I don’t know what I’m doing. We cannot do this. I live here. You can leave whenever you want to, but this is my home.
Noah: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you, but there’s something about you that’s driving me insane.
Alison: I don’t think we should see each other.
Noah: But I need help with my book. You are my insider. Okay, from now on, let’s keep this strictly professional.

They parted ways, but Alison invited him to join the town meeting to get a feel of the town's politics.

At the meeting, Oscar took the floor to talk about his plan for the community and his business. Would anyone want to comment on it? Cole did. It was evident from their discussion that they had issues far deeper than Oscar’s plan to build a bowling alley.

Cole: I’m asking you, as a local, don’t turn this place into Jersey Shore. They want to bowl? Let them go to Riverhead.
Oscar: What’s happening out here is called progress.
Cole: No, it's called greed. It's the pursuit of the almighty dollar, and it's going to be the downfall of all of us. My family's been in Montauk for seven generations, my wife was born here and my son is buried here. This is sacred ground to me, and I don't want too much, but I want my wife, and I want my family and I want this land and I know I'm not the only one because this is our town. These are our schools, our churches, our beaches, our docks, our sunrise, our little piece of heaven under God and I am never going to leave this place because I am going to be buried right next to my boy and I will fight to my last breath to keep Montauk local.

Alison did not like Cole’s speech because she felt he was using their son to make the statement. Meanwhile, Cole and Oscar had a heated argument after the meeting, which, in this storyline, Noah actually missed going to.

Later that night, as Cole was asleep, it was Alison’s turn to wake up her husband so that they could have sex.

Back in the present day, the police commented that it looked like Oscar had a temper. But there seemed to be a wedding years after and even Oscar was there. It showed what their small town culture was really like.

And that’s the recap for “The Affair” Season 1 Episode 3, which aired on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the highlight from one of the scenes in  the episode below. So whose storyline was more believable to you?

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