The Affair Recap: Episode 5 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Affair Recap: Episode 5 [WATCH VIDEO]
Dominic West plays McNulty in The Wire. He manages to pull of a pretty good Baltimore accent when in reality he’s from Sheffield. Had a nice chat with him about going to film people who make armour from Sheffield steel. Sept. 22, 2008. Wikimedia Commons/Dominic West/Simon Kisner.

The Affair” Season 1 Episode 5 aired on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Alison had a visitor dropping unexpectedly, causing tension in her family, while Noah also experienced tension with his wife regarding the way their eldest daughter behaved. Moreover, the episode finally revealed who was murdered. Read on for the recap.

NOTE: As the series is told in two storylines, the recap will be divided into Noah’s Story and Alison’s Story.

Alison’s Story

This week’s episode opened with Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) story first.

It was the start of the day and Alison's husband, Cole (Joshua Jackson), asked if she would like to watch him surf. She refused, saying she needed to catch on sleep. But as soon as Cole left, Alison sprung for the closet and changed her clothes. She had to leave for her sojourn with Noah (Dominic West).

But Cole walked back into their bedroom, saying he forgot something.  He was stunned and a bit baffled as to why Alison was up and about when she said she needed more sleep. Alison also stopped on her tracks. Cole could only say that he has always loved her in that dress she was wearing and then left the house again.

Like nothing happened earlier, Alison biked over to a house and started cleaning up. Noah arrived soon after and they had sex. Alison explained later that the house was owned by Phoebe’s, her friend who was a musician on tour. She also told Noah that she wanted to leave Montauk before to go to med school, but she didn’t have the money nor the grades for the scholarship. Noah also said that he wasn’t born rich. He went on a swimming scholarship in college.

Alison’s cell phone rang, and it’s the nursing home which has been taking care of her grandmother. Athena, Alison’s mother, was there, and she was suddenly changing everything. So, Alison had to cut her time off short with Noah, but they agreed they would meet again later after her shift.

At the nursing home, Alison is met by Athena, a bohemian looking energy healer who believed that the nursing home was giving Alison’s grandmother tons of drugs. As a result, grandma hardly recognized her own daughter. Alison reasoned that the drugs are safe and that her grandmother doesn’t recognize her was because Athena had been gone for so long. Moreover, grandma was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and it was already progressing. 

Athena told her daughter she planned on taking over as the caretaker.

Athena: Why don’t you let me take over her health decisions, sweetie.
Alison: Are you kidding me? You have to be here.
Athena: I’ll be here more.
Alison: No, you won’t.

Alison left for work, as she was already running late. Oscar (Darren Goldstein), her boss and the shack owner, came in to borrow her cell phone. He needed to call Scotty, Alison’s brother-in-law, about a delivery. Later, Scotty (Colin Daniel) and Oscar left the shack, obviously high on cocaine.

After her shift, Alison returned to Phoebe’s house for her next meet up with Noah. And just like before, they had sex. They also talked about the romantic places they would like to visit one day. Maybe even visit these together.

When Noah left to return to his family, Athena was actually by the driveway, and so she met him. Noah lied that he was a friend of Phoebe’s. But Athena knew. She was an energy reader, of course! She caught that he just had sex with her daughter! Athena was not upset though, and she even seemed pleased her daughter was having an affair.

As it turned out, Athena did not like her son-in-law. Over a disastrous dinner at the Lockhart’s, Athena fought with Cole.

Cole accused her of not being there for Alison when they lost their son, and it was his own mother who took care of her daughter. Athena accused him of not wanting her around, so why should she come? She always thought of him as a bully.

Later, as Alison was driving her mother back to where she was staying, she told her daughter that she’s glad Alison is finally coming to herself.

Athena: You’ve always craved security, sweetie. And maybe now that you’ve realized there is no such thing. You’re starting to become someone else, my love.

Noah’s Story

Noah snuck out of the Butler’s house early in the morning to meet with Alison. But when he saw that his daughter was not home,  he woke up his wife Helen (Maura Tierney) who told him that Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) was in a sleepover. Didn’t he listen? Anyway, since he was already up, he could probably get them bagels. This was an inconvenience because he was going on a sexcapade. So Alison told Noah to text his wife about waiting for fresh bagels so that they could spend more time together.

But Helen texted back, asking him to come home immediately. Something was up with their daughter, and they needed to deal with this. Because their sojourn was cut short, Noah agreed to meet up with Alison later that day.

On the way back home, Noah had a flat tire and thus needed the help of a towing company. While waiting, Oscar drove by and offered to stay around until the towers came. But what was Noah doing in this part of town, though? Noah said he was researching. He didn’t want to deal with Oscar being nosy, but he was polite. As soon as his tire was fixed, Noah left.

When he arrived home, he learned that Whitney was part of this group that was bullying another teenager, and worse, this teenager attempted to commit suicide. Noah was so mad at her daughter for growing up with the wrong values. He ordered her to apologize to Jodie, but the grandparents entered the picture. Why should Whitney apologize? They should lawyer up!

Noah was disgusted and got into an argument with Helen about the meddling of her parents. But they were interrupted by the maid who said that Oscar was at the door. He came to return his towing card, which Noah dropped on Ditch Plains. Helen was puzzled — what was her husband doing there, so far off the bagel shop? In his eagerness to cover up his misdeed, Noah accidentally shoved Oscar as he was trying to get him to leave. Oscar was irritated and called Noah a douche.

Later, Noah drove his daughter to Jodie’s house so she could apologize for the bullying. Before getting out of the car, though, the father and daughter had a conversation.

Noah: Your words and your actions have consequences. When you do something mean because you’re angry or bored, it happens to someone else, it hurts them. You’re not the only person who’s real.
Whitney: So what, you think I’m a bad person?
Noah: I think you did a bad thing. Doing one bad thing does not make you a bad person.
Whitney: But what if I did a lot of bad things? Would that make me a bad person?
Noah: It will definitely make you an asshole.
Whitney: I don’t wanna be an asshole.
Noah: Then you don’t have to be.
Whitney: What do I do? How do I un-asshole myself?

Back home, Helen suggested to her husband that they should be more involved with the kids. They could take off work for the coming semester. Noah wondered how they would do that; they needed money to pay bills. Helen said her parents would support her, and once again, they got into another argument about their meddling. It all pointed back to their money.

Pissed, Noah left the house to spend the afternoon with Alison, where he told her he would like to get away with her to Sonoma.

In the present day with the investigation with the police, it was finally settled that the person murdered was Cole’s brother, Scotty. And with that, the interrogation by the police with Alison and Noah was done.

And that’s what happened on “The Affair” Season 1 Episode 5, which aired last Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the highlight to the episode in the video below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Dominic West/Simon Kisner

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