The Affair Recap: Episode 9 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Affair Recap: Episode 9 [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Affair” Season 1 Episode 9 aired on Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. More secrets were discovered, and some deep-seated wounds cropped up in this latest episode. Find out what happened in the recap below.

NOTE: As the series is told in two storylines, the recap will be divided into Noah’s Story and Alison’s Story.

Alison’s Storyline

Alison (Ruth Wilson) was eagerly anticipating meeting with Noah (Dominic West) in the city. Yes, they have been seeing each other again, and this time, they continued their dalliance in Noah’s turf in Brooklyn. They tried to check into a hotel, but since it’s the holidays, it was hard to get a room. So Noah chose for them to stay in the next best thing — his own house. His wife and the kids have gone skiing and won’t be back until later.

So on Noah’s marital bed, the two had sex and declared their love for each other. They also discussed the possibility of Noah moving out, leaving his wife and getting his own apartment so that Alison could stay with him.

While Alison was taking a shower, she noticed Helen (Maura Tierney) had an expensive shampoo. So she poured some of it on the shower’s floor and smirked at her misdeed. What a spiteful gesture!  When she got out of the bathroom, she noticed that Noah had already changed the sheets. Alison felt a slight tinge of hurt with this. Worse, however, she found a pregnancy test in the trash, as she accidentally broke a jar and was disposing of it. Helen’s pregnant? Alison was heartbroken.

Noah brought her to the apartment he was talking about, but after finding the pregnancy stick, Alison was in no mood to discuss their future together. She stormed out of the place, telling Noah that the apartment was too tiny for one person. How can they possibly start a life together there? She assumed that Noah had been playing her all along, that he had no real plans of leaving Helen to be with her. Noah couldn’t understand the change in her mood, but he assured her that the apartment was only temporary. Abandoning his wife and four kids was complicated enough; he needed time.

Alison headed back to Montauk via the train and went straight to a local bar where Oscar (Darren Goldstein) turned up. He was badgering her, and he wouldn’t shut up. Upset about Noah and pissed with Oscar, Alison propositioned to have sex with him. Who was Oscar to refuse?  They did it in his house.

When Alison woke up, she’s appalled by what she has done. Oscar was already making them breakfast, and Alison was in no mood to play nice. She told him she was getting out of town as soon as she gets half of her husband’s money from the sale of the ranch. But what Oscar told her shocked her: the ranch was worthless. Her mother-in-law has been refinancing it for years, the bank practically owned the place. There was no money to split with the Lockharts. How can she leave now?

She confronted her mother-in-law next, and the disagreement got ugly. Cherry threatened she will tell Cole about Alison’s summer lover if she squealed about the ranch, but Alison wasn’t bothered. Her husband already knew. But then Cherry went on to remind Alison that she was the reason why her son was dead.

As it turned out, Gabriel actually survived drowning. He revived, but Alison decided not to take him to the hospital to have him checked out, despite Cherry telling her to do so. Alison was a nurse, and she thought her son was in the clear. But he died due to secondary drowning, a dangerous but rare occurrence.

Cherry: Your pride cost him his life. It should have been you.

Devastated, Alison cut herself on her thighs again, but then the bleeding won’t stop. When she came to her senses, she hurriedly went to the family doctor. When the wound was dealt with, the doctor talked to her, concerned of her other cuts, and there, she poured her grief and guilt out about Gabriel. The doctor assured her that none of it was her fault.

Still unhinged, Alison went into the ocean and attempted to drown herself but was stopped short by the voice of a little boy who came calling out to her. She saw this same boy earlier at the train station and treated it as a sign from Gabriel. Was he watching over her all this time? She visited her son’s grave and said a thank you.

Alison started packing her stuff as Cole (Joshua Jackson) arrived home. He thought she was visiting her mother, but Alison was, in fact leaving him. Cole was perplexed; he thought they were okay. But Alison told him to ask his mother about the ranch.

Alison: I love you. But I'll die if I stay any longer. I don't want to die.

Alison was actually smiling when she left. At the train station, she seemed eager to be meeting with someone, but in came Cole running towards her.  He also had his bags packed. He knew about the ranch now and told Alison he was willing to leave this place. They could go wherever she would like to go.

Alison couldn’t answer him right away.

Noah’s Storyline

Noah was at the police station again. The detective wanted him to answer more questions, specifically Noah’s car.  Noah looked slightly miffed. Why would the detective be interested in this car? Because, as it turned out, Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) was killed by a car.

The scene cut to Noah and Alison having sex in his bedroom, as it was in Alison’s memory. Except this time, their lovemaking had a slightly different mood. Alison was saying “I’m yours” to him over and over.

While she took a shower, Noah quickly changed the sheets and sent it to the washing machine. He cleaned up in the kitchen too and then saw the pregnancy stick in the trash bin. Helen was pregnant?

Alison walked in asking about her shirt. Noah unmindfully threw it in the machine along with the sheets, so he thought she could wear one of Helen’s shirts. She noticed that Noah was feeling tensed, so she assured him that everything will eventually turn out well, which was quite different the way it played out in Alison’s memory. There was also no visit to an apartment this time; Alison left by herself, as Noah stayed home to wait for his family.

When they arrived, Noah was still feeling edgy about the pregnancy test he found. Later, in the bedroom with Helen, who noticed her bottle of expensive shampoo was almost empty, Noah confronted her about the pregnancy. When she denied it was hers, they both realized that it was Whitney’s (Julia Goldani Telles).

So they confronted their daughter, who wanted to deny it, but her dad had her pregnancy stick. She came clean and confessed she will be having an abortion the next day. She took it upon herself to set up an appointment, which made Helen both proud and confused. Her 17-year-old was irresponsible about getting pregnant, but she was pleased to learn that Whitney scheduled an abortion in one of the city’s best clinics.

Noah was clearly pissed. However, Helen was supportive and easier to talk to. Noah remarked later on that she has always been a good mother. But while Whitney opened up to her, she still wouldn’t discuss who the father was. So Noah found out for himself. He went to the abortion clinic the next day to wait for the father, who turned out to be Scotty Lockhart. Noah attacked him immediately, and he ran off real fast.

Noah headed to his best friend’s apartment to cool off, and there, he told Max what has been going on. His daughter got pregnant by the brother of the husband of the woman he was still sleeping with. Max needed a drink of scotch to take it all in.

Noah also confessed that he was ready to leave Helen; that he could no longer take the pretense. His best friend coaxed him out of it. He’s only living a schoolboy fantasy and shouldn’t be talking about this to Helen. But as Noah was standing and reflecting on what to do next in Max’s terrace, he saw a man jump off the roof, killing himself. This gave him a new resolve to seize the day — life was short. So when he got home, he told his wife.

Noah: I’m in love with someone else. I want to be with her.

Helen was basically cool about it at first, and started taking off Noah’s stuff from the closet and the drawers. But when she found Alison’s bra in one of it, her rage spiked when she realized the woman had been in her house. She kicked Noah out.

Noah may be sorry about what happened, but he looked really relieved. He called up Alison to tell her what just happened, and he headed to Montauk immediately via train. When he got off, he saw Alison with her bags, but Cole was next to her. It was the same scene in Alison’s memory, but instead of walking up to Noah, she boarded the train and left both men.

And that’s what happened on “The Affair” Season 1 Episode 9, which aired on Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the highlight of the episode in the video below. Next week is going to be the season finale. Will we finally know which side of the story bears the truth?

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