The Americans Recap: Baggage

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Americans Recap: Baggage
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The Americans” Season 3 Episode 2 “Baggage” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. The Jennings clean out Annielise’s body and implores Yousaf for information. Stan handles a defector and gets a threat from Oleg. Nina’s condition in Russia is revealed. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The episode opens with Nina (Annet Mahendru), who is now locked up in a prison in Moscow. She’s in solitary confinement in a dark and dreary room with no plumbing. Back in America, Philip (Matthew Rhys) is cleaning out the problem Yousaf (Rahul Khanna) has created. He calls Elizabeth (Keri Russell) at home for help.

Paige (Holly Taylor), their daughter, remarks that her father is always working late at night. She’s concerned that he may be having an affair. Elizabeth assures her that it’s not going to happen. Their daughter says that she’s glad her parents always look out for each other, protecting each other even ahead of their children. She means this statement in a good way.

At the hotel, Philip talks to Yousaf about what he should say in case questions should arise from this incident. Yousaf would like to know who Philip is. He only tells him that people are dying in Afghanistan and he only wants intel about this.

Elizabeth finally arrives at the hotel. Inside the room, they break Annielise’s dead body. They did it so that they can fold her arms and legs to wrap in a plastic sheet and stuff in a luggage. Yousaf helps them do this and Elizabeth simply snaps a photo of him doing so. They all know this photo will be used to blackmail Yousaf, should he squeal. Philip gives him an address as to where they shall meet again.

Back in the prison in Russia, Nina has a new roommate. She’s Ivy from Belgium, but Nina doesn’t want to talk to her. She covers herself with a blanket and lies on the cot as she listens to Ivy hyperventilate and cry.

The FBI, led by Stan (Noah Emmerich), meets a defector they help smuggle out of Moscow. She’s a very important informant, who handles sensitive details for the KGB about America and Canada. They present her to the press next day, saying that she defected because she could not sleep well, aware of the fact that many innocent people are being murdered in Afghanistan.

Later than night, Stan is walking from a store to a dark alley when Oleg (Costa Ronin) appears pointing a gun at him. He orders Stan to kneel with his back turned. Stan warns that the FBI will definitely come after him. Oleg does not care because he has immunity. Stan taunts him by saying that he should have shot him by now if he really wants him dead. Oleg runs away and Stan gets in his car, quite shaken.

He stops at a payphone to call his ex-wife Sandra, asking to see her personally. She relents and he’s at her house next, where he tells her about his encounter. Sandra is both worried and relieved. She realized what Stan really came for and told him that it’s not going to make her come back to him.

At work in the morning, Gaad (Richard Thomas) shows Stan the sketch of their attacker and she looks nothing like the other sketches they’ve had of the woman they suspected. Fortunately for Elizabeth, it looks nothing like her, too. Stan remarks that these Russians are so good with disguises.

Back in Moscow, Nina’s roommate tells her that she’s innocent. She also answers back that the prison is a different kind of prison. No one “innocent” gets locked up there. She later gets a visitor. It’s Oleg’s father, a high-ranking government official. He tells Nina that Oleg wants help her. Nina hopes that Oleg’s father would give him her message: she wasn’t pretending with him.

Back at the Jennings’ house, Philip and Elizabeth once again discuss Paige. Philip saied that he doesn’t want their daughter to be stuffing bodies in suitcases, or worse, be the body to be stuffed in the suitcase. Elizabeth interjects that Paige can hold a desk job at the organization. Unfortunately, Philip still cannot get why his wife wants their daughter to be in a very dangerous environment.

At their basement, Elizabeth is listening to the tape from her mother again. Philip tells her she can visit Russia if she wants. She says she cannot go back there. The next day, she sees Gabriel (Frank Langella) to return the tape. He says that her mother, while sick, is happy that Elizabeth is doing something for the world.

Elizabeth and Philip are working on their next game plan with Yousaf, who is going to give them the list of some names in Afghanistan. They case a motel, set themselves up in different rooms and watch as Yousaf meets a man in a parking lot. When they both get in a car, Elizabeth immediately follows them, and Philip does the same in a separate car.

They’re at the bar and Philip cautions his wife that they may blow up their cover, but Elizabeth is relentless. She really wants that list. They also go into the bar and Philip, using a spy camera, snaps photos of Yousaf with some men he’s meeting with.

At the Russian office, Oleg and Tatiana (Vera Cherny) talk about the defector while Stan at the FBI is looking out for her. She wants to go sight-seeing, but Stan reminds her it’s not the right time. She doesn’t believe the Russians will be gunning for her in America, though. Would the KGB be crazy to do that?

Back at the Jennings’ house, Elizabeth tells Philip that she was recruited to the organization when she was 16. She was told not to tell anyone. She told her mom, though, who convinced her to serve their country. Her mother did not hesitate to let her go. This explains her decision for Paige, but will she able to convince Philip?

That’s the recap for “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 2 “Baggage” which aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 at 10 p.m. on FX. Check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for more about this show.

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