The Americans Recap: EST Men

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Americans Recap: EST Men

The Americans” Season 3 Episode 1 “EST Men” aired on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, on FX. Elizabeth gets a close call with the FBI, and Phil comes face to face with a subject who needs his help. Find out what happened as the series starts its third season in the recap below.

The episode opens with Elizabeth (Keri Russell) in the bathtub. As she’s taking her time, she recalls a moment when her daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) was a young girl, and she’s trying to teach her how to swim in the pool. Paige was too scared, but Elizabeth assured her. When no one was looking, she tossed her daughter to the pool to see how well she’d overcome this.

Next, Elizabeth is out on a drink with Charlotte, a CIA agent, who becomes too drunk that she starts blabbering and complaining about being a woman at the spy agency. She gives Elizabeth a list of names, which the KGB needs. It’s for the Afghanistan operation by the Americans.

Charlotte excuses herself to go to the bathroom, but she makes a pit stop at the payphone to call someone. She says she may be doing something horrible. When she returns to the table, Elizabeth senses that Charlotte is acting strange, so she tells her that maybe it’s time to go home. Charlotte tries to stop her, but Elizabeth leaves the bar.

Meanwhile, Phil (Matthew Rhys) is with Stan (Noah Emmerich), attending a self-help seminar together. They think they need this to become more aware of what they should focus in their lives, especially with Stan being separated from his wife.

While Elizabeth is walking out the bar, she spots two cars hurrying to get to the place. They’re FBI people, and they start asking Charlotte questions. Elizabeth hurries up and tries to appear nonchalant, but two FBI agents stops her on the street to ask her something. She engages in a fight with them. One of them is actually Gaad (Richard Thomas), whom Elizabeth severely hits on the face. She manages to knock the FBI agents down.

Phil and Stan arrive at the Jennings’ house where they find Elizabeth carefully putting ice on her shoulder. Stan asks her what caused this, and she says that she has been lifting grocery bags, but Phil knows that something happened. So when Stan left, his wife reveals that she had a close encounter with the FBI.

The next day, Stan arrives at work and sees Gaad’s face. His boss updates him on what happened the other night and also says that they got a list of names from the woman’s pocket. They’re running it to check for prints. In the meantime, they are looking out for a woman with injury to the face and jaw and has alerts in all of the hospitals in the area. Gaad also tells Stan that Nina (Annet Mahendru) is being convicted for treason in Russia. Stan looks worried and concerned.

Despite physically hurting and bruising, Elizabeth goes to church with her daughter and also accompanies her as she volunteers to make flyers for the peace rally. She wants to spend time with Paige. She notices that her daughter keeps on checking out Dan, one of the young guys, and becomes annoyed when one of the group’s leaders tries to let Paige and Dan work together.

That night, the Jennings visit an old friend and their new handler Gabriel (Frank Langella). Over dinner, Elizabeth apologizes for losing the list. Gabriel says they will find another way to get that list and starts ranting about how the US government is trying to turn Afghanistan into Vietnam. Then they also discuss their plan for Paige. Gabriel says that the time for her to join the center is happening soon, and Elizabeth assures their handler that they are slowly laying the ground work for her, preparing Paige for when they finally reveal their secret.

When the Jennings left Gabriel, Phil argues with Elizabeth in the car. He reiterates that they should let their daughter live her own life, which he thought Elizabeth agreed with. So why is she assessing Paige and developing her?

Meanwhile, Martha (Alison Wright) is at the shooting range, taking lessons from Stan. She’s frustrated about never hitting the target during their practice, so Stan tells her to remove her eyeglasses. After doing it, she tries shooting again, and all her shots go through the target’s head. Whoa! Later, she and her “husband” Phil are having sex in some weird kama sutra position. It’s out of this world!

At the Russian’s office, Oleg (Costa Ronin) talks to Arkady (Lev Gorn) about Nina. He would like them to help get her off the charges. Oleg has actually asked his father for help about this matter, but he tells Arkady that his father has refuses to have anything to do with it. Arkady reminds Oleg that it’s possible Nina and Stan were in love with each other. Does he still want to help her? Later, Oleg is seen following and stalking Stan.

Phil is with Annelise (Gillian Alexy), who tells him everything she has gathered from Yousaf (Rajul Khana), an important subject. She says that Yousef wants to meet up with her when her “husband” is out of town, and together, they can get the CIA officers the list. Phil and Annelise have sex in the car, after which Annelise starts to cry. She tells Phil that she has feelings for Yousaf.

As this is going on, Elizabeth is at home, listening to a tape she got during their visit to Gabriel. She hears a woman’s voice. It’s in Russian. Elizabeth starts to cry. Later, she tells Phil that the message is from her mother. She’s dying.

The FBI is briefing their staff, which includes Stan, about the arrival of an official from the US Canada Institute, whom their team will be responsible for. They know that the KGB will be coming after her.

Elizabeth is driving around when it looks like a car is tailing her. She stops on the street and gets up to talk to the man on the other car. She’s actually training him. The young man is a new KGB agent, a recruit for the center.

In the final minutes of the episode, Annelise is at a hotel with Yousaf, while Philip listens at the other side of the room. Yousaf convinces Annelise to move with him in Zurich and ditch her husband. She agrees. But she also reveals to him that she’s a spy, which drives Yousaf to choke her on the bed. Phil realizes what is going on and rushes to the room, but his “wife” is already dead and Yousaf is shocked. Phil assures him that it will be fine and that he can help him out of this fix.

There you have with the recap on “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 1 “EST Men” which aired on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, on FX. What do you think about the first episode back? Sound off in the comments!

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