The Americans Recap: Open House

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Americans Recap: Open House

The Americans” Season 3 Episode 3 “Open House” aired Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on FX. This episode features two of the tensest extractions in the series. One is hard to watch, while the other leaves viewers on the edge of their seat. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Philip (Matthew Rhys) is playing scrabble with Gabriel (Frank Langella) in his apartment. He proceeds to give him names and photos. It’s the list they have wanted from Yousaf (Rahul Khana) early on. It’s the names of the Afghan group at the CIA: Isaac Bralit, Max Sampson and Ted Pascal. Gabriel thinks they should zero in on Pascal, who is in need of money following his divorce. He tells Philip to be careful with getting close to him because the CIA is tracking everyone.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) is with her trainee Hans (Peter Mark Kendall), and she’s teaching him about doing proper surveillance. They casually talk, and Hans compliments her. She brushes this off, thinking that nothing is going to happen between them. She also felt another sharp pain in her mouth. This problem with her teeth, following her run in with the FBI (in the episode) “EST Men” air date: Jan. 28, 2015), is still bothering her. Because the FBI are still looking for the woman they had an encounter with, in all the hospitals and dentists in the area, it’s not safe to get herself treated.

That night as they’re getting ready for bed, Elizabeth discusses Paige’s birthday present with Philip. But he seems aloof and distant, so she changes the subject to talk about Hans and how he seems to be flirting with her. Philip, talking to her in a tone, tells her that it’s part of her job to charm men and that she shouldn’t be shutting down Hans’ attempts. Sensing Philip’s irritation, she asks what the matter is, and Philip snaps at her for meeting with Gabriel in secret to discuss Paige’s status with the program (in the episode “Baggage” air date: Feb 4, 2015). It looks like this will be a long-standing problem with the couple. They go to bed angry at each other.

The next day, the two head to Pascal’s house, which is currently up for sale. The open house will give them an opportunity to survey Pascal’s life. Philip excuses himself from Elizabeth and the real estate agent and sneaks into Pascal’s home office. There, he plants a bug and also sifts through some documents and cheques. But just then, Pascal drops in. Thinking Philip is part of the crowd that have come for the open house, he apologizes and lets him look around. They talk for a while about air ducts in the house and then the Jennings leave.

At the Russian’s turf, Arkady (Lev Gorn) tells Oleg (Costa Ronin) that his papers for transfer back to Russia have arrived, thanks to his father who pulled some strings to process this. Is he sure about going back to the homeland? Later in the episode, Oleg tells Arkady that he’s decided to stay put in America.

Back to Philip and Elizabeth, the two are on Ted’s trail. They’re also listening in on the bug Philip planted among his stuff, and it looks like he’s flirting with the babysitter. Then again, Elizabeth realizes that someone is also trailing them. They proceed to drive around to be sure, and the tensest moment of the episode begins.

Once it was darker, Elizabeth drives to a parking lot where Philip tells Elizabeth where to go next. He then expertly slips out of the car unnoticed. Once in the clear, he calls on the payphone to have someone help with Elizabeth’s extraction, giving the exact location of where he told Elizabeth should be. Turning slowly around a corner, a man throws something through Elizabeth’s car window, and it’s a walkie talkie. The voice at the other end gives Elizabeth more instructions, much to her relief. This will be over soon, and they will be able to lose the one tailing her.

At the Jennings’ home, Paige (Holly Taylor) is gathering clothes for the laundry and rummages through her brother’s stuff. She finds a photo of Stan’s (Noah Emmerich) wife in a sexy bikini among Henry’s (Keidrich Sellati) things, which made Henry upset at his sister.

Philip finally arrives home to find Paige watching TV, saying that she cannot sleep. The father and daughter talk for a while, and Paige tells him that she really doesn’t mind if her parents are always working late hours at night.

The FBI is buzzing as they just learned that CIA agents on the ground are hot on the tail of the woman they have been wanting to capture. Stan hops to his car to follow them, unable to wait for further instructions from the CIA.

They reach an intersection where cars are jammed because the traffic light is still red. Elizabeth is at the front definitively being followed by an FBI or CIA car. But just somewhere, there’s also a KGB car helping Elizabeth by foiling the American’s radios and tinkering with the traffic lights. It causes other cars to collide, one of which hits Elizabeth’s backside. She takes this chance to hop out and run, without the Americans noticing. What a close call!

She arrives at home to find Philip waiting for her. The kids are asleep. Relieved, Philip kisses her, but she winces. Her teeth is really too painful. Without any words, the two head to the basement where Philip has actually prepared the tools he will use for her tooth extraction. They had no choice. The scene is excruciating to watch.

At the FBI’s office, Stan is retracing what has happened to their trail and reiterates that these Russians sure are hard to get. Later, he has to babysit the defector Zinaida, who is going to be on a TV talk show. Stan watches her intently in the monitor and starts to notice something.

The next day, Elizabeth returns to training Hans, and Philip is with Martha (Alison Wright). She announces that they will be taking care of foster kids. He’s totally not on board with this plan, and his “wife” knows that he doesn’t want any children. However, Martha tries to convince him. Fostering means they will only care for the kids temporarily.

That afternoon, Philip reports to Gabriel to discuss what happened with Pascal and to find out where those cheques he saw at his home office are from. It led to nothing. But then their conversation turns to Paige, and they start to argue about why his daughter shouldn’t be recruited. Frustrated, Philip leaves Gabriel’s house in a huff, reiterating that while Paige is a strong lady like her mother, she’s not built for the stuff that they do.

That night, Philip and Elizabeth are once again trailing Pascal, and he reminds her to be careful so as not to flag any suspicions. But then, as they do a drive by at the house, where Pascal drops off his babysitter, Philip realizes he knows the plate number of a car parked there. Then they saw the babysitter’s father. It’s Isaac Breland, the head of the committee on Afghanistan. They are on to something!

The Americans” Season 3 Episode 3 “Open House” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on FX. Check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for more about this show.

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