‘The Americans’ Teases Season 3

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘The Americans’ Teases Season 3
Actor Matthew Rhys at 2007 GLAAD Awards in 2007

The third season of “The Americans” is set to return by January 2015 and FX has released a short teaser for this. The show’s producers and writers, as well as some cast members, also graced the New York Comic Con panel early this October and revealed what’s up ahead for the show. Read on for the details.

The spy drama thriller will explore bigger challenges for the show’s main characters, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell), in one aspect that has not been played up so much in the past: that of being parents.

According to Joe Weisberg, one of the producers of "The Americans," this upcoming season will see more parenting dilemmas for the couple, with the show giving more emphasis to family relationships

“The show is working best when Philip and Elizabeth and the other characters are all struggling with things that everybody struggles with in their family and relationships. These elements — marriage, friendships, work, high school — feel "like life and death" for normal people, and "for [Philip and Elizabeth] it really is,” said Weisberg during the panel, as published on Yahoo!

Spoiler Alert: Read only if you want to know what happened to “The Americans” in the previous season.

By the end of Season 2, Philip gave KGB the warning, saying that the Jennings will drop out of the program if the agency pursued its recruitment of their daughter Paige.

However, Elizabeth was actually considering the idea of letting Paige in on their biggest secret and have her turn. Their opposing views showed that it can be a source of conflict, but it also highlighted the difference between Philip and Elizabeth, in that one holds more loyalty to family, while the other is more loyal to the cause. This will be expounded in Season 3.

The producers of “The Americans” also revealed that Stan, the FBI agent living next to the Jennings, will get more screen time with Philip. Meanwhile, Stan’s girlfriend at the KGB, Nina, is also very much alive, according to the show’s handlers.

Check out the brief teaser to “The Americans” in the video clip below and keep your browsers parked here on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about the show before its return in January 2015.

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