The Astronaut Pizza Taste Test at ‘Good Mythical More’ Show [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
The Astronaut Pizza Taste Test at ‘Good Mythical More’ Show [WATCH VIDEO]

If you have watched the show Good Mythical More then you are familiar with what the show is about and for those who don’t have a clue. This show is hosted by two boys, Rhett and Link, and they eat bizarre food and give audience a feedback.

In this video, they begin with their jokes as usual, and then they sing a song. Finally, they start reading out the letters as they always do every Thursday. So they open the first courier sent by one of their fans and his girlfriend — a pair of custom adult bibs with their names on it, hand sewn by the girlfriends’ mother.

The second letter comes along with a packet of Astronaut cheese pizza and a packet of malic acid. This fan and his fiancée like the show. What they like best about the show is when Rhett and Link eat disgusting food, so they send these food items for them to taste. So both Rhett and Link take out and hold the small slice of the frozen pizza in their hands, and Link smells it. He says it smells really bad.

While Rhett comments that it looked like some school pizza left out in space for a very long time, he takes a bite. As he starts chewing it, he realizes it tastes real bad too. Then Link starts chewing it, and he compares it with dog biscuits. Then they both spit it out.

After the pizza, they had to taste the malic acid, which is a white powdery substance. They both decide to take one finger lick it and then stick it to the powder and lick it again. They both have funny facial reactions after licking it. They say it is so sour that they can’t feel their taste buds at all.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jon Sullivan



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