The Avengers Continues Its Record Breaking Run

By admin | 6 years ago

The Avengers, the superhero blockbuster that brings together four of Marvel Studios’ superheroes keep on impressing everyone in the entertainment industry. In its third weekend at the box office the movies took in over $55 million and out distanced all comers by nearly $30 million.

Even though the movie’s box office receipts dropped by 47%, it was still an incredible total for a movie with such high sales in its third weekend. After Sunday’s sales were totaled, the domestic (United States and Canada) take was expected to pass the $457.1 million mark in only 17 days. By passing the $450 million mark in sales in just 17 days, the movie broke a record held by The Dark Knight that surpassed $450 million in 27 days.

At this point, The Avengers is sitting in fourth place all time for movie sales worldwide. It trails just Avatar, Titanic and the last edition of the Harry Potter franchise.

Due to its popularity not waning, debut movies that were expected to have high sales this past weekend disappointed. Battleship debuted at just $25.3 million, the worst opening domestically for films that have a budget of over $200 million. The movie cost Universal Studios $209 million to produce. It also debuted less than the earlier flop John Carter, which at least broke the $30 million barrier in its first weekend.

One bright note for Battleship is the movie has had a successful run overseas. It has earned over $226.8 million since its debut overseas. Universal is hoping that the long Memorial Day weekend that is coming up will help to soften the normal second weekend decline for most movies.

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