The Babymakers a Raunchy Comedy Review

By admin | 6 years ago

People who laugh at jokes about sperm bank burglaries, masturbation, sterility, and kicks in the groin will love the new comedy The Babymakers. This raunchy movie makes the Farrelly Brothers look tame and The Three Stooges look like The Three Tenors. The Babymakers

But critics say that The Babymakers is a bad movie. They say that you would regret watching it. You should do more enjoyable and constructive things, like making babies. The movie is about a married couple Tommy and Audrey, played by Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn. They try to have a child for several months until their doctor suggests that the problem may be with Tommy.

Tommy objects because he has made multiple donations to a local sperm bank in the past and got no complaints. Some of his sperm is still at the bank. But since then he has taken repeated kicks to the groin and the doctor suggests that his equipment is damaged.

So Tommy, with his friends Wade (Kevin Heffernan) and Zig-Zag (Nat Faxon), tries to break into the sperm bank and steal his last remaining seed. This leads to the highlight of the movie where Wade breaks several bottles of sperm, spill them all over the floor, and slides around in the stuff. You might not have seen something like it before but there’s no reason for you to see it now. It is not funny at all.

Most of the people who made The Babymakers are standup comedians and filmmakers and they know how to make people laugh. The best performance is made by director Jay Chandrasekhar, who plays an Indian-American crook-for-hire who claims to be part of the Indian Mafia. It is written by Gerry Swallow and Peter Gaulke. The Babymakers is a hit and mostly miss comedy. Critics say that if you got some free time, think of something else to do than watch this movie.

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