The Bay is a Realistic Horror Movie

By admin | 6 years ago

The Bay is a Realistic Horror MovieThe Bay is a scary movie because it could happen in real life. It is about an ecological disaster that decimates a small Maryland town. It utilizes the way people document their daily lives these days, such as mobile phones, surveillance tapes, web cams, Skype, and 911 calls.

The Bay is a found footage movie but instead of making it look like an amateur one, director Barry Levinson manages to construct it well. The movie is about a small town celebrating Fourth of July in 2009. It residents are becoming ill and dying. The local hospital is full and panic starts to spread as the body count starts to go up.

The CDC doesn’t know the cause of the deaths until Donna Thompson (Kether Donohue), a student journalist, uncovers something nasty in the town’s water systems. She put things together three years later because the story has been suppressed.

The Bay is a cautionary tale about what could happen if risks are ignored. It would send shivers up viewers’ spine. Most of the cast members are unknown, which makes the movie feel more authentic. Kether Donohue is perfect as the crusading reporter who is trying to put things together with integrity.

The movie borrows elements that made 28 Days Later, Jaws and other government conspiracy scary. Director Levinson builds up the suspense without making it tedious to watch. He using various media along the way and let viewers experience the horror via the people touched by the tragedy. The flow is seamless due to the good editing work.

The Bay has gory parts but Levinson makes it a point not to linger too long on them. There are scenes that are enough to give people nightmares. It is scary but people who enjoy modern horror movies might be disappointed by it. The Bay is an old school horror movie without the gratuitous sex and violence.

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