The Big Bang Theory Recap: The Prom Equivalency [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Big Bang Theory Recap: The Prom Equivalency [WATCH VIDEO]

The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 Episode 8 “The Prom Equivalency” aired on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. The girls thought that it would be fun to relive prom night now that each of them can enjoy it with their respective partners. Read on to learn more in the recap below.

The episode opened with the boys having lunch at work, discussing the situation with Howard’s (Simon Helberg) mom and Stuart (Kevin Sussman). It looked like they were already dating, and Howard admitted that it’s been bothering him. Sheldon compared the situation to a gibbon and came to the conclusion that Howard had a worse case.

While Penny (Kaley Cuoco) was cleaning out her closet, Amy (Mayim Bailik) found Penny’s old prom dress and it brought a lot of memories. For Penny, it’s mostly that she’s in the opinion that proms are overrated. She had been to seven proms in her young life. Amy and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), meanwhile, both didn’t have a great prom experience. So the two decided to organize a prom do-over.

As Amy and Bernadette prepared, the boys talked about their prom and realized that all of them also had bad prom experiences. Sheldon, however, had a date with “proper education” and never went to the prom. Leonard (Johnny Galecki), on the other hand, was thrilled to be getting a do-over.

Leonard to Penny: It’s kind of a dream come true to go to a fake prom with a woman as beautiful as you.

But learning that his wife had invited Stuart to the prom made Howard more upset. Imagine your friend dating your mother and imagine the both of them coming to your fake-prom. Would you be able to enjoy it? He called up Stuart to confront him about his status with his mom. But Stuart assured that he has another date. He’s not taking Mrs. Wolowitz.

Knowing that Penny was lukewarm about the upcoming prom, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) proposed that they should go as aliens, so that they can at least enjoy the event. Penny humored Sheldon and asked him if aliens also engaged in “post-prom mating rituals.” But the joke’s on Penny because Sheldon humored her too and said that as an alien, he probably will. She was shocked by his reply.

It’s the night of the prom, and Sheldon and Leonard were preparing in their apartment. For some reason, Sheldon was rather open and upbeat about this whole experience. He was ready to embrace prom night and the traditions that went with it. Until Leonard teased him about sex. When the boys walked to Penny’s apartment to pick up the girls, Sheldon's mood suddenly changed when he saw Amy and decided he won’t go.

While Amy stayed behind to appease Sheldon, Leonard and Penny were at the roof, where the fake-prom was being held, and they relished in their time alone together. They danced to non-existent music and were just happy that for the first time, they came to a prom that didn’t have a lot of drama.

Unfortunately, there was drama in the limo were the rest of the gang were.  Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and his girlfriend Emily, Howard and Bernadette, and Stuart and his date were all heading to the apartment. Howard was pissed that Stuart’s date actually turned out to be his second cousin Jeanie, whom he had sex with once. He felt Stuart was being rude by bringing Jeanie, on top of dating his mother. They had a tussle inside the car.

Meanwhile, Sheldon was having a panic attack, and Amy wanted to know why.  At first, Sheldon didn’t want to discuss the matter, but when Amy thought she should go up to the prom already and just leave Sheldon, he finally admitted that he panicked because of Penny and Leonard’s insinuation about sex on prom night and also because he thought Amy looked really pretty.

The biggest surprise was when Amy assured Sheldon that there was no pressure to have sex. She just wanted a nice fake prom. She was on the verge of saying how much she loved him, but while she was carefully confessing her feelings, Sheldon blurted out the very words.

Sheldon: I love you, too.

Amy had her own panic attack.

The night ended beautifully with all of them having a fun time. Except for Stuart, who got a call from Mrs. Wolowitz, so he had to ditch his date.

And that’s what happened on “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 Episode 8 “The Prom Equivalency,” which aired on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. Check out the highlight to this episode in this video below.

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