The Big Bang Theory Renewal, Spinoff And Updates On The Cast

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
The Big Bang Theory Renewal, Spinoff And Updates On The Cast
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Fans of the longest running show on television were elated with the news that it is going to go on for two more seasons. CBS president Glen Geller confirmed The Big Bang Theory renewal. Read on for more details.

There were speculations before that the Sheldon Cooper story will end in Season 10. Aside from this, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons’ contracts have expired. Their contracts might not get renewed because of their huge salary package.

But the network has addressed and met all conditions. In fact, two more stars, Simon Helberg and Mayim Bialik will get pay equal to the above-mentioned stars. All five will received $1 million per episode pay.

The Big Bang Theory Renewal Was For Two Seasons

After the finale, the cast of the longest-running comedy show on television will get ready for another season and another one after it. Yes, it is two seasons of fun and excitement. Jim Parsons’ show The Big Bang Theory is on for more seasons. Furthermore, the network had renewed their contracts.

Aside from the contract renewals, there are other updates about the series. Huffington Post reported that the negotiations for the salaries and the renewal for two seasons were decided upon very quickly. However, the 2014 renewal took quite long to happen.

In a report by TV Line, Jim Parsons has no doubt that The Big Bang Theory will get an extension. He said that it would be shocking to see the show end in Season 10. Geller said that for as long as there are fans who want to watch, they will continue renewing it.

When Season 10 started, show co-creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro thought of offering a spinoff. According to Jim Parsons, if they will not ride on the popularity of the show that is still high in ratings, it will be a wasted opportunity. Besides, there is a good story t explore the life of Dr. Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory Renewal

Sheldon Cooper’s Past Life Is Spinoff’s Focus

The network is now working on the story of Sheldon Cooper as a young boy. How he became the science prodigy and the circumstances that led to his becoming a hyper-intellectual will be the focus of the show. Audition for the young actor to play the young genius was already done. Jim Parsons announced that they have already made a choice. They are still waiting for the opportune time to introduce the 12-year-old actor.

As for his advice on the actor, he said that it is best if he emulates the original character but not in a full way. Because, according to him, he has to create his own style in portraying the character. The Big Bang Theory renewal will usher in new and exciting episodes most probably the love story of Sheldon and Amy.

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