‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7, Episode 13 Recap

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The Big Bang Theory season 7, episode 13 takes off, Sheldon is convinced and paranoid (as always) that the University is making him use his vacation days. Leonard and Penny discuss their fight; Penny doesn’t want to break up, making the very angst Leonard breathe a much needed sigh of relief, however, it’s still the end of an era, as Penny tells him that she has quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory.

Sheldon begs Leonard to take him to work, adopting the role of an overactive puppy, but Leonard leaves him at home. Sheldon tags along with Penny for errands with her, where she gets a call from Leonard. Though he intends to lie to Penny and acts supportive of her decision to quit her job, the charade is dropped when she says she is at the Cheesecake Factory. Before Leonard can fully breather another sigh of relief, Penny tells him that she was only there to drop off her uniform.

In her car, an angry Penny asks Sheldon if he thinks she’s making a mistake. Sheldon says no; the best way to achieve a goal is to attack it single-mindedly. Later, Penny and Sheldon do yoga, until Leonard gets home.

Leonard insists he supports her, but Penny says he never acts like it. (Sheldon agrees.) Leonard wants to talk about what kind of relationship they are in. (Sheldon agrees.) Things get angry for a while, until Leonard says that while he couldn’t do what Penny is doing, he’s proud of her. Sheldon proposes a celebratory milk shake.

Meanwhile, Bernadette goes to another comic book store with Stuart to replace a rare comic of Howard’s that her curling iron has destroyed. The slick young owner, Jesse, abuses Stuart, which bothers Bernadette. She refuses to buy from him. Stuart proudly says that he may not have a successful comic store, but he has friends. Later, Bernadette returns and buys the comic book… and tasty treats.

Howard and Raj realize that Bert, a geologist, is into Amy. Amy is stymied by the attention. Later, Bert returns to invite Amy to a Rock and Mineral Show. Amy tells him about Sheldon, but eventually agrees to go to the rock show.

Feeling guilty, Amy asks Howard and Raj how to get out of it. They volunteer to tell him that Amy is a lesbian. Problem solved, until Howard and Raj wind up getting roped into the rock show in Amy’s place.

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