The Biggest Loser Season 16 Recap: Makeover Week

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Biggest Loser Season 16 Recap: Makeover Week
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Prepare your tissues in the new episode of “The Biggest Loser” Season 16 Episode 15 “Makeover Week,” which aired last Jan. 8, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

The episode kicks off with Alison commending the contestants to have reached makeover week. Everybody applauds with excitement.

Meanwhile, Woody thinks he is going home until Bob opens the limousine door. He is ready to have his second chance. For one week, he must do his best to lose weight and beat Scott. He admits that Scott looks good as soon as he enters the room. However, he thinks he wants to win more than him.

The top four meets Tim Gunn to help them choose their perfect outfit for the photo shoot on Us Weekly. First to come out of the dressing room is Sonya in a green dress. She cannot believe that she managed to be in a dress. She admits she always wanted to date a man but gave up on that dream because she hated the way she looked. After seeing her new self in the mirror, she becomes open with possibilities of having a partner in life.

When Lori exits the dressing room in a hot pink dress, Tim is surprised. Lori starts to tear up. She cannot remember the last time she felt confident and beautiful.

For hair makeover, the contestants come to celebrity stylist Ken Paves. He is excited that it is his sixth time being in the show’s makeover week. He is honored to be in the show and contribute to the contestants’ journey. While the contestants are busy with Ken, Toma finally shaves his beard. Sonya admits to Ken that it is her first time in 39 years to hear somebody say she is beautiful.

It is time for the contestants to present their overall makeover on the red carpet. Alison, Tim and Jessie wait for Lori’s big entrance. They are pleasantly surprised with Lori’s transformation. Her blonde hair is curled beautifully, and she wears a black dress. Jessie is dying to hug her and gets ecstatic to see a different Lori compared to her first day. He loves to see her smile. Tim tells her to walk further alone for a surprise.

There are three blank panels before Lori. The one on her left shows her former self. She looks disgusted. Suddenly, the right side flashes her Us Weekly photo. Then the center panel opens sideways to show her husband and son. Her husband is awestruck seeing his wife. Her son says that he never seen his mother so pretty.

Next up is Toma. When Toma came into full view before Alison, Tim and Jen, Alison hugs him after saying that he looks like Toma’s younger brother. Tim loves his clean shave and look. Toma remembers giving up on life after his father passed away. He could not see himself marry and have kids without his father. However, he becomes hopeful with his transformation. Like Lori, he sees his former self and his Us Weekly photo. After that, he finds his sister and mother behind the center panel.

Rob has his grand entrance in front of Alison, Tim and Dolvett. Dolvett has witnessed his ups and downs, so he is ecstatic to see him so happy and good-looking. He tells him that he already looks like a champion. When Rob saw his Us Weekly photo, he is proud to see his 150-pound weight loss. His proud brother greets him from the center panel.

Sonya walks the red carpet in her blue dress with her new light brown hair. Alison and Jen cries with joy. Sonya is proud to say that she feels beautiful. Tim agrees wholeheartedly. After seeing her old self on the panel, Sonya promises to never go back. She commends herself to look so pretty on the Us Weekly photo. She gets surprised when she sees her best friend come out of the center panel. Her best friend cannot believe with Sonya’s transformation.

After the red carpet, everybody gathers to jam with Gavin DeGraw and his new single “Fire.” Gavin announces that he is inspired with the show and the contestants’ journey, so he dedicates the song to their success.

While the top four is having fun on the rooftop, Bob also does his makeover week at the Comeback Canyon. When Scott’s wife and kids saw him, they run to him crying. His son is amazed to see his father look so good. His wife also hugs Bob, thanking him for helping her husband. She thanks “The Biggest Loser” for saving her husband’s life. She is happy to successfully put her arms around her husband while hugging him.

When Woody saw his reflection in the mirror, he admits to Bob that he was repulsed seeing himself in the past. After his transformation, he thinks he will never get tired of looking at the mirror. Suddenly, his daughter and son come out of the door. His daughter cries so hard when she sees her father. His daughter says that after her mother passed away, she starts to fear losing her father. That is why his transformation gives her relief.

After the makeover week, it is time for the contestants to return to the ranch and workout for the weigh-in. While the contestants work harder than ever, things start to get feisty at the Comeback Canyon. Scott admits taking personally Woody’s vote that eliminated him from the ranch. While resting from the workout, he starts to announce that he is confident to beat him because he managed to beat several wildcards. Woody is also confident in stopping his winning streak. They start to argue.

“That was real,” Bob tells the camera with a funny face as he walks out.

Woody is the first one on the weigh-in. Before his current weight flashes on the screen, the ranch also has its weigh-in. The contestants look uneasy when they are told that it is going to be a yellow line for the week. That means, they will choose who to eliminate from the bottom two. Rob is the first to have his weight checked. Everyone is surprised that he only lost two pounds. He is in great disbelief. Dolvett explains to him that makeover week became a distraction for his body that is used to consistent workout.

The low numbers become consistent. Sonya lost three pounds. Lori and Toma are under the yellow line after losing only one pound. Before the contestants go to their deliberation, Tim’s face suddenly flashes on the monitor. He announces that no one will be eliminated for the week. Everyone hugs each other.

“Thank you, Tim Gunn!” Jessie exclaims.

Suddenly, the doors behind them open. A light shines through as a black figure comes to view. The contestants are shocked to see Bob.

Who does Bob bring from the Comeback Canyon? Catch the next episode on Jan. 15, 2015.

There you have it for the recap on “The Biggest Loser” Season 16 Episode 15 “Makeover Week,” which aired last Jan. 8, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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