The Biggest Loser Season 16 Recap: The Newfound Daredevils

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Biggest Loser Season 16 Recap: The Newfound Daredevils
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Contestants face their fears to the highest level in the new episode of “The Biggest Loser” Season 16 Episode 13 “Kauai Part 2,” which aired last Jan. 1, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, contestants are pushed to the limit to celebrate new life for the New Year and are going nuts with coconuts.

Dolvett brings Rob somewhere to face his fears. He thinks Rob is the contestant that needs more confidence and trust. He tells him that they will go down a waterfall. He says he also fears it, so he will go down with him. Rob says he trusts Dolvett in most areas, except about his safety. While someone is coaching him on the edge of the waterfall about walking sideways with a rope, he starts crying. Suddenly, he trips and hangs above the waterfall. He gets hysterical and swears he will never do it. Dolvett thinks Rob is the kind of person who gets frantic if he has no control of a situation. He encourages Rob who is crying. He tells him that the only way to have a healthy life is to face fear. Rob stands up and walks away while cursing himself about nonstop failures, disappointments and embarrassments. Dolvett is disappointed that Rob does not trust his trainer, his body and himself.

Rob and Dolvett return to the edge of the waterfall. Rob is still crying and asks Dolvett why he needs to do it. Dolvett says it is time to trust. He wants him to take control of his biggest fears. Rob backfires that people die with that “shit.” Dolvett insists that no one has died yet and Rob must stop talking himself out of it. He tells him he must start talking himself into it. Rob hates himself for acting that way and has no other choice. He says he is already sick of failing and wants to make a change.

Finally, Rob and Dolvett start to go down the waterfall. Through the strong current, Rob does his best to stay focused and not slip from the slippery rocks. Dolvett is the first one to come down. While waiting for Rob, he keeps on encouraging him to not give up. At last, Rob reaches the bottom and dives into the water because of excitement. Dolvett cannot stop hugging him. Rob thinks he can already do anything. He feels closer to the man he wants to be. He becomes more hopeful for the future.

Meanwhile, Jessie takes Lori to a secret place as well. Long ago, he thought she was full of pain and suffering. He saw a broken woman and had “a little life left.” He believed Lori had to “let go.” Now, he praises Lori for being a beautiful woman and a good person. Because of that, he wants to give Lori a ride of her life. He leads her to a “big swing.” Lori can see that the ropes are suspended above tall trees. Jessie wants her to realize that the trees symbolize her past. He explains that Lori will be tied to a movable rope. It will be up to her if she will let go or not. If she will choose to let go, she will have an intense swing “to the future.” Lori is not sure if she will let go. However, she becomes optimistic with the beauty of the rainforest.

Lori’s rope starts to move upward. She stops above a very high tree.

“Let go!” Jessie screams.

Lori hesitates for a while. However, she snaps a rope and suddenly goes down fast. The direction of the swing goes all the way down until it goes up again. She is obviously having a good time. When her swing became slower, she tells Jessie she wants to do it again.

At the Comeback Canyon, Bob asks Jordan and Scott if they have fear of heights. Jordan admits he has. However, Scott is confident. He says height is never an issue for him. Bob points to a huge balance beam. He explains that both of them will climb separate poles that are more than 25 feet high. Then they must walk to the center of the beam and jump. The beam is too narrow and long that it looks scary from afar. Bob says the challenge will remind them to balance family, work and food as soon as they go home.

When Jordan and Scott finally reached the top, Jordan cannot deny that he is scared. Contrary to what he said earlier, Scott admits he is freaking out. Jordan starts to walk slowly to the middle while Scott remains on the edge. After Bob’s encouragement, Scott slowly moves to the center. Finally, he is able to touch Jordan who was waiting for him. Bob tells them to “jump to 2015.” Both of them jump off the beam.

It is time for a Hawaiian-style challenge that will give the contestants a chance for an advantage in the weigh-in. The contestants meet Ali who is surrounded by obstacles. Ali explains that they must race to a pond where there is a raft filled with coconuts. They should pull a rope to get a raft to shore. Then they will get a coconut using a lacrosse stick, walk on a balance beam with it, throw the coconut up in the air and catch it on the other side of a bar, walk on another balance beam and shoot the coconut on a net. When the coconut falls on the ground, they must get another one in the raft. First player to shoot three coconuts will be the winner. He or she will have a one-pound advantage in the weigh-in. Ali reminds them that every pound counts.

Ali signals the players that the race starts. Woody is the first one to get a coconut, but he is also the first one to fail when his coconut fell on the ground. Players are having a hard time near the bar obstacle wherein they have to throw the coconut and catch it again. Toma is the first one to surpass that obstacle. He feels confident with the balance beams because he believes he is light on his feet from his countless soccer games.  However, he fails to shoot the coconut.

Lori is getting frantic with the limbo bar because she never gets a single attempt right. She is envious with Toma who effortlessly catches the coconuts. In her next failed attempt, she throws the stick with rage. The problem with Toma is he keeps on catching but always fails at shooting. Finally, Lori catches the coconut and successfully crosses the balance beams. She is the first one to score a point. The next one to score a goal is Toma. Lori flawlessly shoots her second goal. She wins another challenge again after scoring the third goal.

In the 14th weigh-in at the Comeback Canyon, Jordan is the first one to go on the scale. His current weight is 219 pounds, and he lost 8 pounds with a 3.52 percent weight loss. However, Scott receives the glory when his current weight becomes 242 pounds. He lost 9 pounds with 3.59 percent weight loss. That means Jordan is going home. Jordan is not sad at all because he lost to a great competitor and will finally go home to his family.

Back at the ranch, it is time for the weigh-in. Lori is the first one on the scale because of her one-pound advantage. Her current weight is 227 pounds with only 3 pounds loss. However, she still feels happy because of her great time in Hawaii and her fresh perspective for 2015. Jessie encourages her that there will always be success in every failure, but she must know how and when to let go. Lori has 1.74 percent weight loss.

Toma has another victory with his current weight of 217 pounds and 8 pounds loss. Ali commends him for a good start in the New Year. He has 3.56 percent weight loss.

Sonya’s current weight is 178 pounds and lost 5 pounds. That means she is safe from the red line. Her total weight loss is 2.73 percent. Rob is also safe with his current weight of 332 pounds and 6 pounds loss. He has a total of 1.78 percent weight loss.

All that is left is for Woody to have 5 pounds or more to beat Lori and be safe from the red line. However, he only lost 3 pounds for the week. He believes he already won because he received a second chance and had his life back. He knows he is ready to go home. Then he thanks the trainers because they helped him so much. However, he still has no idea about the Comeback Canyon.

There you have it for the recap on “The Biggest Loser” Season 16 Episode 13 “Kauai Part 2,” which aired last Jan. 1, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. Catch the next episode on Jan. 8, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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