The Blacklist Recap: The Mombasa Cartel

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The Blacklist Recap: The Mombasa Cartel
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 “The Blacklist” Season 2 Episode 6 “The Mombasa Cartel” aired on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) brought FBI Agent Elizabeth “Liz” Keen’s (Megan Boone)  attention to the Mombasa Cartel, a ruthless band of wildlife poachers. Meanwhile, Liz discovered that  FBI Agent Donald Ressler (Diego Kattenhoff) developed a bad habit and was forced to play her hand to get rid of the tail that Red had assigned to protect her. Later on, she debated on what to do with the “source” that she had hidden from Red. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback to Sierra Leone, 29 years ago, where a young African boy helped his family on their little farm. However, his family was massacred by a bunch of armed men who went after his father, Samuel Zuma, as he had alerted the authorities about the associates of the armed men. As he was only a child, they abducted him.

In the present day, in France, a man named Joseph Batouala was strangled in a hotel room in Paris by the room service attendant and was tagged on his ear with a yellow tag. A little while later, a boy playing by the Russian coast alerted his grandfather, as a skinned dead man had washed up on the beach.

In Washington DC, Red alerted Liz to the Mombasa Cartel, wildlife poachers and the most powerful group of traffickers in the world, who had made millions in blood money, making them the worst of the worst. Red also told her that they are able to get away with almost anything as they funneled money through various shell corporations and fronts. However, Liz sensed that somehow, this case was important to Red.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) tried to convince the local pharmacist to refill his pain medication, as he had become overly dependent on it, causing him to be late for work again.

At the task force headquarters, Liz told them that Red believed that the Mombasa Cartel wanted to control the entire illegal poaching trade. Red had also told her that because of that, several high-ranking members of other cartels in the poaching trade have begun to disappear. They then discovered that the skinned body of a man had washed up on the Russian coast. He was then identified as Joseph Batouala, a high -anking member of another cartel. However, Liz suddenly left as she had received a text from the man who guarded the door that held her secret — there was some trouble.

When she got there, she found that the guard had been knocked out, and the man who had been tailing her for Red had found out about her secret.

The scene then cut to a cabin in the woods, where a man named Matthew expertly stuffed and sewed up a man. His mother, an old woman, told him that his model of Joseph Batouala was the best one he had made.

Red then told Liz that she was going to meet up with Geoff Perl at a bar, as he was not only one of the richest men in the world, but a wildlife advocate as well. Because of this, he was an expert when it came to the illegal wildlife trade. Liz then posed as a reporter who wrote about the subject and asked about the Mombasa Cartel. He then told her to look for Lee Chung, who worked for Emerson-Concorde Imports, a front for the cartel. However, even after he was brought in, Lee Ching did not break under pressure.

The team were then again alerted to another body that had been found flayed and skinned, just as Joseph Batouala’s body. The new victim, Alejandro Gomez, was found on the coast of Hokkaido, Japan. It turned out that the two victims were connected to each other, as they both had defected to the Mombasa Cartel. This led them to believe that “someone was poaching the poachers.”

Back at her room, Liz talked to Ezra and informed him that she had not told Red about her secret yet. Because of this, he told her that he had no choice but to inform Red himself. Liz then told him then that because of that, she had no choice either in the matter. At that moment, the FBI team came and arrested him.

The scene then cut to the old woman and to her son, Peter, who was the room service attendant who had strangled Joseph Batouala in Paris. It turned out that his father identified poachers, who by all accounts, deserved to die. He then abducted them and brought them to their house. She told him that he should be proud of what they were doing and to be happy as he got to help his brother, Matthew.

Back in Washington DC, Red stayed at one of the tables in front of the food truck where Zoe D’Antonio (Scottie Thompson) worked. Zoe was, in fact, his long lost daughter, Jennifer. He the left his hat on the table on purpose so that Zoe would run after him with the hat. He then introduced himself as Kenneth, and they shook hands with each other.

Back at headquarters, Aram Mojtabai (Amir Arison) came up with a computer simulation to identify where the bodies of Joseph Batouala and Alejandro Gomez had been dumped. They then discovered that the bodies originated from Sitka, Alaska. After some digging, they discovered that Sitka had been the location of a militant animal rights group, whose members, known as the Sitka 7, had stalked and killed several grizzly bear poachers in 1971. Only seven of the members had been tried and convicted, as the others had scattered after the arrests were made. FBI Agent Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), their boss, instructed Ressler to head out to Sitka and instructed the team to find out more about the animal underground. He then also had Lee Chung arrested but had him followed by an FBI Agent at all times.

At Red’s house, the capture of Ezra made the news, and Red correctly guessed that the reason why Liz did that was because she had been found out. He then warned her that it would be a matter of time before they discovered her secret.

At the cabin in the woods, the old woman tended to Matthew, who was taking a long bath. He was delighted to learn that his brother was bringing him a new friend.

In Alaska, Ressler managed to get a hold of new pain pills, as he deliberately hurt his thumb by closing the car door on it. Liz then called him to inform him that they had found a member of the animal militant group in Anchorage and told him to also check out a ranch in Sitka that had been the commune of the group but had been bought by a corporation called Windigo LLC. She also informed him that Lee Chung had gone missing since that morning.

Back at headquarters, Liz and Mossad Agent Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marno) realized that the two victims had been skinned after they died, which led them to believe that the victims was alive when they were transported. Because of this, Liz asked Aram to check the flight records for any private airplanes. They then learned that one chartered citation had left Paris shortly after Joseph Batouala had been abducted, another one had left Sao Paolo after Alejandro Gomez had gone missing, and another one had been recorded just that day and had left from Westchester — the place where Lee Chung had gone missing. They then discovered that three different companies had booked the flights, but each company was connected to Windigo LLC. As they could not get in touch with Ressler, Liz decided to ask for Red’s help in order to identify who was behind Windigo LLC.

Meanwhile, Ressler visited the ranch in Sitka, where he talked to an old woman and her son, Peter. As he was about to leave, he heard something moving in a cage under a tarpaulin on Peter’s truck. When he checked it out, he saw that it was Lee Chung. Because of this, Ressler was knocked out, tagged and placed in a cage. When he came to, he noticed that his pills were gone and that loud music was playing in the area. After a while, their cages were unlocked and the music stopped. Hidden in the bushes, Peter wished his brother luck in his hunting and told him to only hunt those that were tagged.

As soon as the cages were opened, Chung tried to run for it but was stopped by Ressler, who wanted to know how far away they were from the ranch. Based on that, they would be able to calculate the distance they needed to cover to get back to civilization. As Ressler’s hands started to shake as he hadn’t had his pills in quite a while, Chung taunted him for being a junkie. Ressler put him up against a tree and was surprised when Matthew killed Chung with an arrow. Ressler then broke off the tip to use as a weapon, and ran into the woods. He then stumbled across a campfire and tried to borrow a cell phone from one of them. However, he was surprised to find out that the men there had been stuffed and were the men who had disappeared, including Alejandro Gomez and Joseph Batouala. He then tried to blend in with the stuffed men. However, Matthew, who had stopped hunting to talk to his “friends” noticed Ressler as he had been shaking due to his withdrawal. They then struggled, which resulted in Ressler stabbing Matthew in the stomach with the arrow tip he had gotten.

Meanwhile, outside, Samar and Liz asked the local police about the people who lived in the woods. They learned that a woman named Rosemary Kincaid, who had ties to the animal underground, lived there with her son, Peter. However, there were rumors that her second son by a man named Ace had been sighted roaming the woods. However, the second son was not normal at all.

Inside the cabin, the old woman, Rosemary, called up Ace, Matthew and Peter’s father, and told him about the fact that they had no choice but to abduct the FBI Agent that had visited the ranch. Ace then told her to make sure that Peter did not leave any evidence that the FBI Agent had been there. As he stepped out of the shadows, Red greeted him, as Ace was revealed to be Geoff.

Geoff, or Ace, was really Sean Salter and had been involved with the animal underground before. He had left before the authorities had arrested the Sitka 7. It turned out that Red had remembered seeing the name Windigo LLC among Geoff’s companies, back when he ran a background check on his charities. What Red had failed to see before was that Emerson-Concorde Imports was actually under Windigo LLC. It turned out that Geoff had told Liz about Emerson-Concorde in order to remove evidence that tied him to Emerson-Concorde and the cartel. Geoff then revealed that he was an animal activist and a businessman. He planned to get rid of all the other cartels so that he could monopolize the illegal animal trade. When he did so, then he would still be able to meet the demand and would be able to control the number of animal deaths so that entire species would not get wiped out. Red then threatened to shoot him if he did not give him a list of everyone involved in the cartel. Afterwards, Red told him that 29 years ago, a family had been massacred by the Mombasa Cartel, as the father of the family, Samuel Zuma, had alerted local authorities to several members of the cartel. The family’s youngest son had survived, was sold as a slave and was found by Red when he was 14 years old. Red had then saved the boy and took care of him. The boy’s name was none other than Dembe Zuma (Hisam Tawfiq), Red's righthand man. Dembe then pleaded to Red not to kill Geoff, but Red decided to kill him for all the pain he had caused Dembe.

Meanwhile, in the cabin, the old woman, who was making a bath for Matthew, screamed as he had walked in with a wound in his stomach.

Downstairs, the FBI raided the place, and shot Peter down. Upstairs, before they could arrest Rosemary and Matthew, Rosemary threw the record player near the bathtub inside, so that both she and her son would be electrocuted to death. Inside the cabin, Liz found Ressler’s gun, badge, and his bottle of pills, which she gave to him as she comforted him at the ambulance, where he was treated for his injuries.

Back in Washington DC, Red continued to frequent the food truck that Zoe worked in to get close to him, and Liz debated what to do with her secret. It turned out that she had been holding her husband, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), captive, in order to find out more about Berlin. However, as he insisted that he had told her everything that he knew, she did not know what to do with him.

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