The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Recap: Lord Baltimore

By Alex | 3 years ago
The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Recap: Lord Baltimore
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The Blacklist” Season 2 Episode 1 “Lord Baltimore” aired on Monday, Sept 22, 2014 on NBC. Reddington’s ex-wife returns to his life while Liz tries to move on from her dissolved marriage.  Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 1 “Lord Baltimore” recap.

Previously on “Lord Baltimore,” Red went to a jungle with $3 million cash in tow as he tries to find Dictator Ubari. After dumping all the cash, Red asked for the names of the bounty hunters Berlin sent to kill him. Ubari first refused and to his surprise, Red has launched one of the three missiles Red sent for him and his army.  Ubari confessed that Berlin tapped an algorithm expert named Lord Baltimore as one of his hunters.  Red ignited the cash before leaving a penniless dictator.

Red’s “paying on fire” move was frowned upon the new attorney general. He asked Elizabeth to talk with Red about it.  They also found out that Lord Baltimore used his knowledge in algorthm to track his victims. Their investigations led them to Rowan Mills.

When they arrived at her place, Rowan denied having knowledge about the large sum of money deposited in her account. She immediately received an anyonymous call, warning her not to talk with the FBI again. Little did she know, the FBI tracked the call from a house full of her pictures. She later admitted about her twin Nora who died several years ago. She pointed out that her sister might be alive because she recognized her in the photos.

Meanwhile, Red went to visit a now crippled Harold. He said that Harold was needed in the office because his replacement was awful. Red also reminded him about Harold’s diagnosis and that he should finish his job. Red was now inside his hotel when a helicopter arrived with armed men and flash bombs. Red was captured after his body guard got knocked out. A tied-up Red finally woke up learning that a woman hostaged him. She said that it was for his failed mission in Mussab in which he has killed two of her Turkish men.

Elizabeth was informed by Rowan’s mother about Nora’s traumatic past as a molested child. Nora worked for a firm and asked Rowan for help, which she bluntly refused. Later, Liz and her team finally got a clue for Baltimore’s next target. It was Naomi Highland (Mary Louise-Parker), Red’s ex-wife.

Liz arrived at her place while Naomi hosted a gathering with her soccer mom friends. Naomi refused to go at first. Ressler, on the other hand, found a key for a parked van with Nora’s decaying body inside a cooler. He alerted everyone to find Rowan, but the woman was already at Naomi’s doorstep. The group of armed men got their hands on Naomi, but Rowan and one of her members were put in custody.

At the office, they realized that Rowan has multiple personalities and disassociate disorder. Liz offered Marcus, one of the armed men, to tell her about Nora’s weakness. He was tortured at first before he told them about a certain song that enables Nora’s identity. Nora was then told that Marcus ratted on her so she should just give away the location of Naomi.

They went to the place, but Naomi was nowhere to be found. The injured henchman told them that Berlin already have Naomi inside a hotel. Red did not find Naomi there aside either aside from a vintage pocket watch with his wife’s picture inside. The episode ended with Liz and Red got separate packages. Liz got the documents for her dissolved marriage with Tom while Red got a call from Berlin from the burner phone inside the package.

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