The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam Pleads with Steffy

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam Pleads with Steffy
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The latest episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” Season 28 aired on Thursday, June 18, 2015 on CBS.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” episode kicks off with Liam explaining his marriage to Ivy. He tells her that Ivy needed his help with her deportation papers and all. Steffy thinks getting married was not the last and only option. She thinks it was Ivy’s idea. He insists that their marriage was only an agreement and nothing more. Steffy slaps him in the face. She tells him that she does not want to get caught up in another one of his hero moments. Liam tells her that he sees a future with her but Steffy tells him that he has no idea what he got himself into. Liam asks her to understand that Ivy needed his help. Steffy muses that she also needed his help but he never helped her.

Steffy tells him she’s done with him and she will no longer be waiting for him and congratulates him. She tells Liam that he always wants to save others because he couldn’t save his mother. Liam pleads and tells her he’ll leave Ivy but Steffy does not think he’ll do that. Liam tells her that he only wants her and no one else.

Meanwhile, Quinn visits Ivy at the office. She sees her thinking happily about something else. Quinn thinks marriage has done her really good. Ivy tells her that their marriage did not mean anything. Quinn doesn’t think so but Ivy tells her that he has feelings for Steffy. The immigration agent arrives and asks about her wedding. He begins questioning her and tells her that she will be investigated.

Bill mocks Wyatt when he sees him stutter in front of a model. Bill thinks he doesn’t want to date anyone because he wants Steffy. Wyatt reminds him about Ivy and Liam and tells him that he’ll prove him wrong. Bill doesn’t think him and Steffy are going to happen.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Bold and the Beautiful

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