The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: This is Not My First Rodeo

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: This is Not My First Rodeo
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The Bold and the Beautiful” season 28 episode titled, “This is Not My First Rodeo” aired on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 on CBS.

Brooke arrives at the mansion and checks on Rick. He tells her about Eric’s decision to continue supporting him as the CEO of Forrester Creations. He tells Brooke about Ridge urging Eric to oust him as the head of the company. He also tells her how he ruined his future with Caroline. He thinks he should get back to work. Brooke says she’s proud of him and hugs him.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Ridge continue to talk about their plan to get rid of Rick. Steffy asks if Ridge is willing to go behind Eric’s back. Ridge thinks that he can do it. It was especially because Eric can’t forget the fact that he took Brooke away from him. Ridge asks for Steffy’s support and asks if she could work with Liam. Steffy tells him she’s hurt but she’ll definitely help her father.

Rick arrives at his office and tells them that he’s still the CEO of the company. Ridge begins to argue with him and Rick tells him that he won’t win no matter how many times he whines to Eric. He asks them to leave and Ridge tells him to enjoy the desk.

At Spencer Publications, Ivy and Liam are talking about Ridge taking over the company. They kiss. Bill and Katie arrive and they wonder why they’re celebrating. Ivy tells them about Ridge. Katie still thinks what Bill did to Maya was not the best option. Bill insists that this was not his first rodeo and laughs. Liam receives a call from Ridge to meet with him.

Steffy and Ridge arrive at Liam’s office. Ridge fills him in on Eric’s decision to keep Rick as the CEO. He asks Liam to keep Bill out of their plans.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Bold and the Beautiful

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