The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Where Is My Sister? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Where Is My Sister? [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez | Cast and crew of soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” at 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards.

In the Jan. 8, 2015 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Rick and Maya wake up in bed together. Maya tells Rick she can’t believe all that’s happening and how everything’s about to change. She tells him she’s madly in love with him as they share a kiss.

Downstairs, Pam arrives with Ivy and Aly. She can’t believe how Maya kicked two Forresters out. They notice Maya’s photo on the wall, which first had Stephanie’s portrait in it. Pam can’t believe what she’s seeing in front of her eyes. Ivy reassures Pam. Rick arrives, and Pam confronts Rick for replacing Stephanie’s photo in place of her sister’s. Rick confidently tells her that he was the one who placed the photo in there. Rick tells Pam that he’s not his father and how he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do anything. Pam tells her he’s disrespecting his sister by hanging a portrait of a “homewrecker.” Rick tells Maya about Pam’s outrage over her photo on the wall.

Caroline tells her cousin, Liam, that she can’t believe she got kicked out of her own house. She blames Maya for stealing Rick and insists that she’s not giving up on her marriage. Liam tells her that that’s the Spencer in her. She said she was wrong when she underestimated Maya and the effect she had on Rick. She calls Maya a “social climber.”

Liam asks Caroline about her relationship with Ridge. She said that she had chemistry with Ridge — from the very first time Ridge touched her hand, she tried to convince herself that what she felt was normal, but she found Ridge to be “breathtaking.” She says there’s electricity between them, which Ridge felt too and regrets how she should have stopped right there and then. She admits that she badly wanted to be kissed by Ridge, and her marriage was the last thing on her mind while she was kissing Ridge. Liam tells her that Ivy saw Maya kissing Rick and when Ivy confronted Rick, Rick simply says it was a goodbye kiss. Liam offers Caroline a piece of advice: “You’re gonna have to start standing up for you… and that might mean letting go.” She thanks him for the advice, but tells him that she won’t take that today.

Ivy and Aly discuss what happened at the mansion. Ivy tells Aly that she knows Rick’s doing all these to get back at Caroline. She says if Rick didn’t care about Caroline, he would be indifferent.

Caroline calls Rick and asks him to have a talk with her. Rick invites her to the mansion. Upon arriving, Caroline convinces Rick to think about their relationship. Caroline drops the glass of water on her hand when she notices Maya’s portrait on the wall.

On the next episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Caroline tells Rick to break up with Maya. Maya gloats and tells Caroline that life does not always have to revolve around her. Ivy and Liam face off with Rick.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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