The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: I Won’t Run

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: I Won’t Run
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez | Cast and crew of soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” at 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Episode 6994, which aired on Jan. 15, 2014, begins with Caroline and Ridge’s passionate kiss at Forrester Creations.

Caroline says sorry after kissing Ridge. She tells Ridge that if they do that, they can’t go back. Ridge tells her Katie’s gone and Rick’s with someone else. Ridge recalls how he wasn’t able to forgive his ex-wife for having an affair, and now he’s doing the same to his brother’s wife. Caroline asks Ridge what he sees when he looks at her. He tells her that all he sees is fear. Caroline asks about Ridge’s first love. Ridge admits that Caroline resembles his first love, but he’s not living in his past. Ridge asks Caroline what she wants. Caroline tells him she needs him and time. Ridge tells her he hopes she won’t run. Caroline tells Ridge, “I won’t run.” Ridge and Caroline cuddle on the sofa. Ridge tells her it feels good. Caroline tells Ridge that she’s always been looking for happiness but realizes that she was looking for herself. Ridge plants a kiss on her lips.

Maya asks if Stephanie was awful to him. Maya promises to make the best life for Rick. Maya mocks Rick when he asks what a clementine is and tells him she forgot Rick Forrester has never been to the grocery. Rick marvels at the way Maya talks to him and tells her that nobody has ever talked to him that way before. Maya wishes her family will see her better than they thought of her. She asks Rick if they’ll last. Rick says he can’t tell. Maya goes downstairs to get some wine. Rick tries to look for the corkscrew in his father’s room and finds a gun on Stephanie’s former nightstand.

Ivy and Aly arrive at the mansion and whisper to each other, hoping that they don’t run into something they don’t wish to see. Aly asks Ivy how she can calmly discuss Rick’s relationship with Maya. She asks Ivy if she would give up if she were in Caroline’s shoes. Ivy tells her she wonders why Caroline is holding on.

On the next episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Maya’s sister, Nicole Avant, moves into the town. Ridge tells Caroline that he doesn’t want their relationship to end before it even begins.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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